Dr. G. L. Laws, one of the most eminent, respected and substantial physicians and surgeons of the county, is a resident of the Seventeenth District, eight miles north of Lexington. He was born in Russell County, Ala., in 1888, a son of Hiram and G. A. (Sims) Laws. The father was of English-French origin, born in 1803, in Orange County, N.C., where he resided at the time of his marriage, in 1820, immediately after which he immigrated to Carroll County, Tenn., engaging in agricultural pursuits. In 1834 or 1835, he moved to Russell County, Ala., during the Creek and Indian war. The latter part of 1835 or 1837, with his family, he fled from the State to escape the treachery and ferocity of the Indians. He returned to Carroll County, locating near Clarksburg, where he owned 200 acres of land. He died in 1879. His wife was of English descent, born in 1807, in Orange County, N.C. She was the mother of six children, four of whom are living. Her death occurred in 1872. Our subject, Dr. G. L. Laws, was the fifth child; he received his literary education in the common schools of Carroll County, and the academy at Huntingdon, Tenn. When quite a young man he worked as a farmhand; at the age of twenty began teaching school, which he followed for four years, during vacation attending school. When about twenty-three years of age, he began the study of medicine under guidance of Dr. Henry McCall of Clarksburg; in 1860 he entered the medical department of Nashville University, and the following year located at Macedonia, Carroll County, where he began the practice of his profession; a year later he came to Henderson County, settling where he now resides. In November, 1863, he married a daughter of Peter and Mary Ann Pearson, Miss Mary Pearson, who was born in Henderson County in 1843, and who bore him one child, William D. Mrs. Laws died in 1867, and in 1869 he married his sister-in-law, Jemima M. Pearson, a native of the county, born in 1852; they have one child living: Joseph H. The Doctor has an extensive and lucrative practice, and is considered one of the most able physicians and surgeons In the county. He is also one of the most prosperous and successful business men; he owns 1,400 acres of valuable land, and attends to all of his real estate interests. Previous to the war the Doctor was a Whig, and is now a Republican: he cast his first vote for U. S. Grant in 11368. The Doctor and Mrs. Laws are esteemed and earnest members of the Christian Church.

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