Written and contributed by Lilly Martin

William M. Martin was born 1826 in Rockingham Co NC. He was raised in the rural area called Reidsville, NC. There he married Mary M. Young born 16 January 1825 Rockingham Co NC, her parents were Robert Young and Mary of Rockingham Co NC. William and Mary married in 1847 in Rockingham Co NC and had their first 2 children there, first born was Harriet Emaline Martin b. 1848, next born was George Wesley Martin b. 1849. Wm. Martin was a member of the Constantine Lodge #64, Free and Accepted Masons. He had a business partnership with Mr. M. V. Wilson at the time of his death)

About 1852-3 this Martin family moved to settle in Lexington, Henderson Co TN. William M. Martin was a farmer, he was member of the Constantine Lodge, the Masonic Order. He was a business partner of M. V. Wilson. The reason that the Martin family had picked Lexington, TN to settle at, was the fact that Mary M. (Young) Martin's 2 older brothers had both left Rockingham Co NC to settle permanently in Henderson Co TN earlier. So William and Mary Martin were following in the foot steps of her brothers.

These 2 brothers were John S. Young b. 1803 NC , who married Margaret Caffey , and Barzilla J. Young b. 1815, who married Drucilla Caffey. The Caffey women were sister, both being the daughters of John Caffey and Betsey Caffey, of Rockingham Co NC. John Caffey was born after 1776, s/o Michael, s/o John, s/o Michael b. about 1690 Ireland.

William M. Martin and Mary had more children while in Lexington, TN. those children were: Mary Caroline Martin; William B. Martin; Ransom Samson Martin; Joseph Allen Martin; Isabelle Martin; Basley J. Martin.

Harriet Emaline Martin was raised in Lexington , Henderson Co TN by her parents, and there she married Lewis T. Reed (sometimes spelled Read). he was born about 1848 in Lexington , TN. As of 1871 Harriet and Lewis were still in Lexington , TN. Lewis T. Reed (aka Louis T. Read) died 5-28-1916 in Navarro Co TX. His father is Thomas Reed, as stated on the death record. His son was W. S. Reed, a farmer, b. 12-30-1867 Lexington , TN d. 7-20-1920 Navarro Co TX. Viola Katherine Read was born 10-11-1876 in Lexington , TN, daughter of Harriet and Lewis. She married James Woodford Anderson in Texas , and she died 6-4-1946 in Phoenix , Arizona

George Wesley Martin married Martha Virginia Cunningham, who was a descendant of Ransom Cunningham,one of the earliest settlers of Henderson Co TN. Ransom Cunningham came from Virginia, and his wife was Sarah Rice.

James Nathaniel Martin was born 1836 in Rockingham Co NC, he married Sarah W. Westbrook, and they also came to settle in Lexington, TN. James was related to William M. Martin. James and Sarah raised their family in Lexington, TN.

26 September 1870, William M. Martin died in Lexington, TN. About 8 years later his widow and her children, and James Nathaniel Martin and family, and Lewis T. Read and family, and James Basely Young, s/o John S. Young, all moved to Navarro Co, Texas. Barzilla (B. J.) Young, (brother of Mary Martin, widow of William M. Martin) was court appointed guardian to the minor kids of William M. Martin when he died in 1870 in Henderson Co TN. Barzilla J. Young was also appointed by the court to act as guardian for George C. Wilson, the minor child of the deceased William Wilson, as of Feb 3, 1879. Barzilla J. Young was appointed Trustee of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Dist 7, Henderson Co TN. Mary Elizabeth Young, d/o Barzilla, married A. B. Cunningham, s/o Ransom Cunningham and Sarah Rice. Martha Virginia Cunningham married George Wesley Martin, s/o William M. Martin and Mary M. Young. Ransom B. Cunningham was appointed the legal guardian to Elizabeth and Martha Cunningham, minor children of the deceased E. C. Cunningham, as of 11-3-1873. Ransom Cunningham was from Virginia , and was among the pioneer settlers of Henderson Co. TN)

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