John E. McCall, attorney at law of Memphis, came early to the profession in which he is now engaged. He was, as it were, 'to the manner born' for he is a son of the late Judge John Ethridge McCall, who, when he passed away on the 8th of August, 1920, was a judge of the United States district court for western Tennessee and had long been a distinguished representative of the bar of this state. The son was born at Lexington, Tennessee, March 21, 1895, and in 1907 the family removed from that city to Memphis, owing to the fact that the father had been elected to the federal bench in 1905. He served as judge of the district court for fifteen years, leaving his record in most honorable way upon the judicial history of the state. John E. McCall was prepared for college in Memphis University and then he spent five years as a student in the University of Virginia, where he pursued both his academic and law courses, being graduated from the law department in 1917 with the LL. B. degree. However, he left the university in April, 1917, two months prior to commencement time, in order to enter the military service of his country in connection with the World war. He spent two months at the Officers Training Camp at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, and was commissioned a first lieutenant of infantry. He went to France in January, 1918, serving overseas in both France and Germany until May, 1919, and returning with a captain's commission.

In the fall of 1919 Captain McCall entered upon the practice of law in Memphis and is now concentrating his efforts and attention upon the work of the profession, in which he is making steady progress. He recognizes the necessity for thorough preparation of his cases and is a close student of the law, while in the application of a legal principle he is seldom, if ever, at fault. On the 7th of January, 1920, Captain McCall was married to Miss Mabel Pidgeon, a member of one of the best known families of Memphis, and they have become parents of a son, John E., Jr., born January 31, 1921. Captain McCall is a member of various clubs, including the Memphis Country Club, the University Club and also the Chi Phi fraternity. His social qualities make for popularity in these organizations, while a laudable ambition and indefatigable energy are bringing him steadily to the front in his chosen profession.

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