Dr. D. E. McCallum, a prominent physician and surgeon of Wildersville, was born in. Madison County, Tenn., in 1858, a son of Peter and Boxy (Estis) McCallum. The father was of Scotch descent, born in 1828 in Madison County, where, with the exception of ten years spent in Henderson County, he passed his entire life. He was one of the most prosperous farmers and successful speculators in the section. He owned about 1,000 acres of fine land. He was magistrate of the Thirteenth District for many years. His death occurred in 1880. The mother, who is still living, was also born in Madison County in 1830. She has five children living: John R., who resides at Claybrook, is a farmer and speculator; Duncan E. (our subject); Francis P. lives at his mother's home; of the twins, Annie is at home and Joseph is a student in the literary department of Cumberland University at Lebanon, Tenn.; Peter L. (deceased). Our subject, Dr. D. E., received his literary education in the University of Tennessee, at Knoxville, which he attended three and a half years. In 1880 he began the study of medicine under the tuition of Dr. Savage, of Jackson. who is now a professor in the Vanderbilt University at Nashville, and from which Institution Dr. McCallum graduated in the medical department in March, 1884. Immediately afterward he located at his present place of residence, and entered upon the exercise of his profession. By his thorough knowledge, skill and courtesy to patrons, he has now an extensive and lucrative practice and is recognized as one of the leading and most popular physicians in the county. He owns about 250 acres of land and a half interest in a cotton-gin, his partners being the Rosser Bros. They made 100 bales in 1886. The Doctor is a Democrat, voting the first time for Cleveland.

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