Jesse L. Nunley

Teacher; born September 12, 1892 of Scotch-Irish de­scent; married Fannie Belle Newman, son of Norman Nunley; paternal grandparent G. C. Nunley; maternal grand­parent H. C. Fultz . At­tended the public schools of Marshall County; M.T.S.T.C.; with B.S. degree 1926, University of Tenn. Member of the Church of Christ; Democrat. Began the practice of his profession in a one-teacher school at Cedar Grove, Warren County, Tennessee; then went to Moore County, where he remained for three years, after which time he taught in the public schools of Alabama and Georgia; moved to Chapel Hill, (Henderson County) Tennessee, where he became principal of the Forrest High School and teacher of mathematics and history; this position he has held for a number of years; has made a wonderful success in his chosen profession; is gen­erally regarded by his associates in his profession and others as one of the out­standing school men of Tennessee. In addition to his school work, he owns and operates a farm in Warren County where he resides during his summer vacations. Is perhaps one of the most active citizens in all benevolent work in his section, seeking at all times an opportunity to render service to the unfortunate. He Is the father of two children one of whom is Charles Newman Nunley, age one year.

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