C. Perry Patterson

An outstanding teacher at the Scotts Hill College was C. Perry Patterson, who was born in a log cabin two miles northwest of Saltillo on January 23, 1880. Patterson taught at various schools, including Cedar Grove, for which he was paid a wage of $22.40 per month. After Tuckers death , Patterson assumed the presidency of Sardis Normal College, where he served for six years. Patterson maried Tommie Cochran in 1907, a Sardis native, considered a woman of culture and education.

Patterson left Sardis to become superintendent of county schools for one term. After he attended the University of Tennessee, Peabody College and Vanderbilt,he headed the history department of West Tennessee Normal, where he remained for three years. This was followed by a teaching fellowship at Harvard university, later by a teaching postiion at Columbia, where he earned a doctorate degree and still later by a position at the University of Texas. Patterson authored numerous books and became nationally known as an authority on consitituional law. He received many honors, including the presentation of a paper on judicial review before the judicial committee of the U.S. Senate in 1937. This paper was believed to have been influential int he defeat of Roosevelt's effort to pack the Supreme Court.

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