Pick Patterson is now retired and his health is not as good as it was when he was a valued employee at Pafford Funeral Home for 52 years. His retirement came after a 65 year career of public service. He began with Pafford with the late Royal Pafford, in 1945 upon his return from Europe in WW II. He entered the Army in April 1943, serving with the 3d Army under Gen. Patton and won 5 campaign medals. He served in 13 foreign countries one being Germany, where he saw the horrors of Buckenwald Concentration Camp. He received his discharge at Camp Atterburg IN and returned home to bein work at Pafford.

He was born August 31, 1914 at Middlefork. His parents were Ervin and Arlie Ryals Patterson. His sister, Mrs. Lois Wilkerson is Middlefork corresondent for the Progress. He was married to Dorothy McPeake in 1941. Their daughter Patricia was born while he was in the service and he only saw her once as a baby and not again until she was 2 years old.

Patricia lives in Cookeville, and works as a Regional Director with the TN Dept. of Health. Pick has two grandsons' Chip and Andy Jowers. Pick was featured as an Interesting Person, several years ago and I recal that his name was C.E. (Elco), but he was never called that. At that time I asked how he got the nickname and was told that as a young man, he loved to go to parties and dances, picking his guitar. It was also mentioned in that article that in his 25 years of service (at that time) of serious ambulance runs, he never had an accident. Many years have passed since then and record still stands.

In 1989, Pick began a partnership with Rob Helms at Pafford's and with Griffin - Powell Monuments in Huntingdon, with the opening of a local office. He maintained that business until June 30 of this year (1997) when his health convinced him to stay at home. A highlight of those years was when he appeared before the Board of Aldermen to request improvements on Christopher Street from Maple Street to the Fairgrounds. Not only did they agree to the improvements; they changed the name of the street to Pick Patterson Drive in honor of his 50 years history on the same block. He is a member of First Baptist Church, the Jay Hay Sunday School Class, V.F.W. and American Legion.

Now retired after so many years of service to the sad and bereaved, Pick and his wife, Dorothy are living quietly at their home on Stanfill Rd. He has recently had a hospital stay at Jackson General and Methodist Hospital of Lexington.
Lexington Progress - Interesting Persons by Dorris Jarrett July 30, 1997

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