Hon. Peter Pearson, an old and respected citizen of the Eighth District, was born in Anson County, N.C. in 1814, a son of John and Penelope (Taylor) Pearson. The father was of French-Welsh descent. born in Perequimans County, N.C. In 1886 he immigrated to Henderson County, Tenn. where he died at the age of sixty-eight. His wife was of Irish descent, a native of Edgecombe County, N.C. She lived to the age of ninety years, was the mother of four children, only two of whom are living. Nathan, who is about two years older than Peter, Is also a resident of Henderson County. The subject of this sketch came to Tennessee about one year earlier than his father, and December 3, 1835, married a daughter of Scion and Hannah Prichard (Pritchard) , Miss Mary, who was born in North Carolina and died January 26. 1866, at the age of forty-six years. She left seven children: James N., John D., Peter S., Jemima, wife of Dr. G. W. Laws, and Martha, wife of William Milam. In July, 1873, Mr. Pearson married, the second time, Harriet McMurray, born in Maury County, Tenn. Mr. Pearson is a stanch Democrat, an influential man in his party. Previous to the war he was magistrate for four years; In 1863 was elected on a general ticket as representative, and for three terms represented his people in a manner highly creditable and satisfactory. He is an old and honored member of the I O. O. F., head officer at the lodge at Wildervilie. Mr. Pearson commenced life as a poor man, and the property he accumulated was all destroyed during the war, but by industry, courage and judicious management he is now the possessor of a fine farm containing acres of valuable land, well cultivated, stocked and improved. He is a man of sound judgment, a good adviser, whose council is often sought. He is highly esteemed where-ever he is known.

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