William Washington Powers, prominent attorney of Trenton, was born in Henderson county on the 18th of August, 1864, a son of Tobias and Irene Jane (Essany) Powers and a grandson of Joseph and Fannie (Erwin) Essany. Tobias Powers was born in 1814 and engaged in farming throughout his life. He achieved more than substantial success as an agriculturist and lived in retirement some years prior to his demise in 1890. His wife, who was born in 1827, died in 1908. Both Mr. and Mrs. Powers were consistent communicants of the Missionary Baptist church and prominent citizens of the community in which they resided. William Washington Powers received little or no education until he was nineteen years of age and then he educated himself by diligent study at night. Born in that period of reconstruction at the close of the Civil war, he suffered many privations. Of an ambitious nature, however, he determined to overcome all obstacles and make a success of his life and he began the study of law in the office of J. W. Daugherty, a member of a well known legal firm of Decaturville. He proved an able and efficient student and in 1902 was admitted to the state bar. He immediately located in Dyer, Gibson county, for the practice of his profession and he was identified with legal circles there until 1910, when he was elected to the office of judge and removed to Trenton. He held that office eight years and during that time proved himself a most capable and popular public official. At the termination of his term of service he resumed his private practice and is enjoying an extensive and important clientele. Mr. Powers is in every sense of the word a self-made man and he well merits the success he has achieved in a profession where advancement depends upon individual ability.

Mr. Powers has been twice married. His first marriage was celebrated in Decaturville, on the 16th of April, 1890, when Miss Betty Roberts became his wife. She was born in 1866 and died in 1892. She was the mother of two children: Gertie, who was born in 1890, and is now the wife of R. L. Haskell, a prominent business man of Lake Charles, Louisiana; and Exie, who was born in 1892 and is the wife of Lewis E. Elkins. They are residing at Dyer. On the 14th of March, 1922, at Trenton, Mr. Powers was again married, Mrs. Ola McClain, a daughter of William H. and Betty Farmer, becoming his wife. Mr. Powers takes the interest of an intelligent and wife-awake citizen in public affairs and in the selection of competent men for office. He votes in support of the democratic party and is prominent in party affairs. Fraternally he is a Master Mason. He is one of the estimable citizens of Trenton who can always be depended upon to meet his obligations in both public and private life, as has been manifested during the period of his residence here.

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