E.P. Segerson is the son of the late Richard and Lassiphine Segerson. Richard was born in Ireland and came to this countrywhen 14 years of age, and settled in what is now Chester County. E. P., generally known as Ern, was born in 1880 in Chester County and moved with his parents to Henderson County at the age of four. He attended the common schools of his day. Later he attended the Scotts Hill Normal, when Prof. B. A. Tucker was at the head of that institution. He taught school then for four years. Later he worked for the Southern Engine and Boiler Works in Jackson for three years. In 1905, he was married to Jessie Taylor. He is the father of 11 children, 10 of which are still living. For the past two decades, Mr. Segerson has been a farmer and still owns and operates a farm one mile east of Reagan. He was elected to the County Board of Education in 1918, again in 1925 and again in 1932. Ernest Segerson has done a great deal in helping promote the educational interest in his section of the county and has worked diligently to uphold the profession.
Henderson County Schools Personnel of County Board of Education December 1934

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