Tillman Stewart, son of G. W. Stewart mentioned above, is a promising young man. He is the most widely read of any young man in the County and is making a wonderful success teaching in Lexington High School, from which he graduated in 1926. He, like his father, is of high character and is honest and ambitious. While in the University of Tennessee at Knoxville (1926-1930) he was the most successful distance runner ever on the track team there. He broke old State records and set new ones time and again. Before he finished there, the only records to be broken in such races were those set by himself, but he broke them and set new ones just the same. In the spring of 1930 he entered the Southern Track and Field Meet at Birmingham, Alabama and won Southern championship in the two-mile race.

Auburn Powers 1930 History of Henderson County TN
George T. Stewart is buried next to his wife Mildred Kent Stewart at Palestine Cemetery

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