John L. Sullivan has lived a quiet and successful life thus far. He is a man of honesty and friendship. When it comes his way to do so, he is ever ready to befriend those about him. (The author recalls trivial incidents of such, but they are the incidents that prove the real character of a man--not the big incidents where one is financially or honor bound to befriend his fellow man.) Mr. Sullivan was elected County Register in 1910 and served three consecutive terms, or 12 years. He was nominated for the fourth term, but was appointed postmaster and withdrew before the regular election in August 1922. He resigned the position of County register in April 1922 to accept the post-mastership at Lexington. Since then he has served under the appointments of three presidents, Harding, Coolidge and Hoover. Mr. Sullivan is conscientious in his work and feels proud that he has held three commissions under three different presidents.

Auburn Powers 1930 History of Henderson County TN

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