Larry Joe Todd, if you live in the Wildersville and Parker's Cross Roads Community, you have to say is a true neighbor. Because Larry has never lived nor worked very far from where he was born and raised.

He was born on March 8, 1934 as the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis F. Todd and he attended the old Wildersville School and said that he never had the fortune ofmaking it to high school.

He said the first job he ever had was working at a service station for John D. Scott of Lexingtno. He said that he had been in this type of work for the rest of his life because he really loves it.

He married Edith Geneva Elliott and they have 2 children, Randy and Sherry. Larry has owned his present service sation which is called Todd's Service Station at the I-40 and Huntingdon exit for five years. Before that he was just up the road at what is now known as Eatman's Oil Co. and when he owned it this was called Todd and Daniels Oil Co.

Larry has also been a Henderson County School bus driver for five years. He said that he had had the pleasure of hauling the high school band around quite a bit and he really enjoys that.

Todd said that he guessed he would always live around the same neighborhood because with neighbors like A.J. Maness who would want to leave. As A.J. said about Larry, there might not be much to write about him but if you ned a neighbor he is always there and that is what makes him great.

"An interesting Person" The Lexington Progress 22 June 1983

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