Guy H. Walker, cattleman, farmer, businessman and community leader. An most of all Guy is an auctioneer. Guy Walker was born on February 8, 1934 in McNairy County. He was the son of James Samuel and Allie (Talley) Walker.
Guy was orphaned at an early age and was reared by his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. William Houston Talley in Henderson TN. Guy attended the public schools of Chester county.

He then married Bonnie Maness in 1952. Guy and Bonnie have four children, 3 daughters and one son. His daughters are Allie Bird, Barbara Hill and Bonnie Jean Britt and his son is Guy Jr. All live in or near Lexington. Guy and Bonnie also have three grandchildren.

His grandfather was a mule and cattle trader so you can see that Guy has been around livestock all of his life. Guy and Bonnie moved to Lexington in 1963 and opened the Lexington Sales Co. He is the owner and operator of Lexington Sales Co. and Livestock Auction. This is one of the largest and best livestock auctions in Tennessee. The farmers always say you can get a fair price there always.

Guy is also a leader and friend to all. He has helped untold numbers to get into the cattle business and has assisted them in other ways by loaning them hay or money or whatever they needed at that particular time. He is a busy man and an untiring worker. He puts in long days which usually average about 16 hours per day. Guy is also an untiring civic worker. He has helped many years with his time and money for the American Cancer Society. He also helps with the Henderson County Fair and has done so for many years.

Guy is a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Lexington. He also has a farm and operates his farming operation on a large scale. In the pat Guy has owned and operated a sales co. at Selmer and Henderson TN. He no longer operates these but on occasion he does auction for other sales companies in the area.

Success as Walker will tell you does not come easy. It takes a lot of work and a lot of management. He has put both into his success in the Lexington Livestock and Auction Co. in Lexington. Having known Guy Walker for several years and having had business dealings with him, I would not say he was just a neighbor, but one of the top neighbors anyone could have. I feel that lot of people in Henderson County and the surrounding area would be glad to call guy their neighbor.
Lexington Progress 19 August 1981 -- Meet Your Neighbor

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