Phillip Walker, Jr. owned a farm on Jordan Creek, Orange County, NC, which he purchased in 1805, then married Rebecca King in 1816 and the records indicate that all of their children were born in North Carolina, before they eventually made their move to Tennessee. He was listed as head of household in the Orange County 1820 and 1830 Census.

When Phillip Walker, Jr.'s family moved to West Tennessee they settled on what is now known as the L. M. Walker land {my father] in the Chesterfield Community, near Lexington, Tennessee. When we review the early history of Henderson County, we can understand when and why they chose to move to this newly opening territory. In the Treaty with the Chickasaw or The Great Chickasaw Cession, 19 October 1818, the Chickasaw ceded what was to become known as West Tennessee or all of the land west of the western waters of the Tennessee River. Only a few small Chickasaw tracts or reservations avoided cession at that time. White settlers poured into West Tennessee and, soon to follow, the last major holdings of the Chickasaw's Tennessee land were surveyed and distribution began.

In a booklet compiled and written by Louise Oakley during the summer of 1940, she wrote that in about 1820, Phillip Walker and Dave Engraham came down the Tennessee River from North Carolina, seeking new homes and they landed at what is now known as Perryville and came westward to the present site of Chesterfield. She, also, wrote that "Union, the only church of the community and the oldest in the County, was organized in July, 1842." [In the home of Phillip Walker and built on land donated by him, but neither he nor his wife became charter members, probably because the Walkers were Presbyterians.] Phillip Walker, also, donated the land for the church lot and for the Union Cemetery in which he and most of his desents are buried.

Phillip Walker probably moved his family to Henderson County, Tennessee after he received approval of a petition for a land grant in 1833. He appeared on Henderson County's poll tax records in the year 1836 and 1837. In 1836, he was listed as having 512 acres of land and one slave.

Phillip Walker, Jr. was married to Rebecca King in 1816 in Orange County, NC, in Hillsboro, NC; the marriage bond was signed by Phillip Walker and J. Taylor. Phillip, Jr. died in 1858 and Rebecca died in 1870; they are buried in Union Baptist Church Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee.

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