O. P. White, a farmer and influential resident of the Second District, was born in Henderson County in 1825, k son of Stephen Finney and Hannah (Dixon) White. The father was of Irish origin, born in South Carolina in 1781; when a youth he immigrated to the portion of Rutherford County now called Cannon County, Middle Tenn., and remained there until after his marriage. In 1824 he came to Henderson County, settling in the Second District; in 1830 he moved to the Seventh District, where he resided until the time of his death in 1858. He was one of the pioneers of the county, where he was well known and respected. His wife was born in North Carolina in 1792, and departed this life ten years later than her husband. Of the nine children born to them, four only are living: Louisa was born in Rutherford County in 1817, Lucinda was born in the same county in 1822, Bennett G. is a native of Henderson County born in 1827, and our subject. Since 1860 the four have been living together, leading harmonious and peaceful lives, devoted to each other; none of them have ever been married. The sisters are devout members of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. Bennett G. was one of the gallant boys in gray, he enlisted in March, 1862, in Tenth Texas Battery; was in numerous severe skirmishes and engagements, and remained in active service until the surrender. The two brothers are Republicans, each voting the first time in 1848 for Gen. Taylor. They own about 217 acres of valuable land, are industrious, honorable men, having the confidence and esteem of the entire community.

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