From a letter just received from my distinguished friend, Hon. Thomas W. Williams, of New London, I am enabled to give some account of some of the eminent men of the name of Williams in those States, which is peculiarly gratifying. From a letter of May 11th, 1847, which he has just received from tho Hon. Christopher H. Williams, of Lexington, Tennessee, member of Congress, it appears that his grandfather, who was " Col. John Williams, of North Carolina, who commanded the 9th Conti- nental North Carolina Regiment, in the war of tho revolution. He had three brothers, viz. Nathaniel Williams, of Rockingham county, North Carolina, who was a lawyer in his day, of some distinction. His sons that were most distinguished, were Robert and Marmaduke. Robert Williams represented his district in Congress, four years, during Mr. Jefferson's administration, and was appointed Governor, in 1804,1 believe, by Mr. Jefferson, of the then territory of Mississippi. He died some years ago in that State. Marmaduke Williams, succeeded him in his Congressional district, and served four years. He then moved to the State of Alabama, and now resides at Tuscaloosa. Joseph Williams, another brother of Col. John Williams, resided in-County, N. C. His most distinguished sons were Col. John, Lewis, and Thomas L. Col. John Williams, served with great distinction in the war of 1812, and was a Senator in Congress from the State of Tennessee, for a number of years.

Lewis Williams, member of Congress, from North Carolina, for many years father of the House of Representatives, was elected from his native county in early life, and served without any intermission for 27 years, and until his death.

Thomas L. Williams, who removed with his brother, Col. John, to Knoxville, has been distinguished as a lawyer. He has served on the Supreme Bench of Tennessee, and is now the acting Chancellor for the eastern district of the State.

Robeet Williams, the other brother of my grandfather, resided in Pittsylvania county, Virginia. He was a lawyer of high standing. His only son, Judge Nathan Williams, in early life, moved to Tennessee, in Smith county, and was shortly after elected Circuit Judge, which place he filled until his death.

My father, Decree, (probably Marmaduke Williams, S. W. W.) had four sons. John, Robert, Augustus, and Christopher H., member of Congress. They were all farmers, with the exception of Christopher H., (who is a most distinguished lawyer, S. W. W.) in Tennessee.

I am unable to inform you who the most of them married. Joseph Williams, of Surry, married a Lancer. John and Nathaniel, both married Williams'. Col. John, of Knoxville, married a sister of Hugh L. Wheeler. His sons, Joseph and John, are both men of high order of talents. Joseph is since in Congress. Col. John, Jr., served in the last Legislature of our State.

David Williams, of Groton, Conn. A letter from Gen. William Williams, of Stockbridge, Mass., received Jan. 28, 1847, informs me that his great-grandfather was David Williams, of Groton, but when or where he was born, he is not ablo to say. He had three sons, Daniel, his grandfather, David, and Richard. Daniel was born at Groton, July, 1728. He married Esther Avery, of Groton, March 17th, 1756. He died in Stockbridge, Sept. 26,1818, in the 91st year of his age. His wife died Aug. 18,1814, in the 79th year of her age. They had seven children, viz.: Asa, the oldest, his father, was born at Groton, March 12th, 1757, and died m Stockbridge, March 20th, 1846, in the 69th year of his age. Lucretia was born at Groton, Oct. 30,1759; was married to William Whelply, of Lenox, and died Dec. 13th, 1796, in the 37th year of her age. Daniel, bora at Groton, April 6,1762. He is is now living in Lenox. Esther was bora at Groton, Oct. 3,1764, married Rice Beach, of Goshen, Conn., and is now living at Schodack, K. Y. Cyrus, late President of the Ilousatonic Bank, was born at Groton, March 22, 1767, and died in Stockbridge, Oct. 20,1841, in the 75th year of his age. Prentice was born at Groton, June 7th, 1773, and is living in Stockbridge. Sarah was born in Stockbridge, Jane 8, 1777, and married Simon Walkley, of West Springfield. She is still living.

His father, Asa Williams, married Sylvia Peck, of Preston, Conn., Dec. 30, 1775. In 1776, his parents and grandparents moved to Stockbridge. His father had five children, viz.: Avery, the oldest, was born May 29, 1777, and is still living in Stockbridge. Erastus, born April 11, 1781, and now living in Pittsford, N. Y. Sybil was born May 16,1788. She married William Brewster, of Rochester, N. Y., and died in Stockbridge, March 14,1824, in the 37th year of" her age. William was born Aug. 26. 1790. Lucretia was born Dec. 5th, 1798, died Sept. 14,1836, in the 38th year of her age.

Daniel Williams, Esq., of Lenox, is now in the 85th year of his age, and enjoys an unusnal degree of bodily and mental vigor. He has been twice married. His first wife was Martha Coles, of Farmington, Conn. His last, Merriam Hickok. He has three children: one son, Edward, is a merchant, and resides in the city of New York, unmarried. Susan and Elizabeth, unmarried.

Cyrus Williams, Esq., was twice married. His first wife was Fanny West, of Tolland, Conn., daughter of the late Dr. West, of that town, and niece of Rev. Stephen West, D. D., late of Stockbridge. She died April 29th, 1812, in the 29th year of her age. By her he had a daughter, Fanny West. She was born March th27,1812, and died Aug. 24th, 1839, in the 28th year of her age. His second wife was Sarah Huntington, of Norwich, Conn. She died Aug. 24,1839, aged 60 years. This branch of the family has, therefore, become extinct.

Col. Prentice Williams has been twice married. His first wife was Clarissa I. Rogers, of Cornwall, Conn. By her he had six children, viz. Clarissa L. Daniel. Hannah, dead. Sarah A., dead. Harriet B., dead. Jane. Daniel R. Williams lives in Stockbridge, and is a merchant, successor of Cyrus Williams, Esq. He married Fanny, daughter of Hon. P. Walker, of Lenox. Clarissa L., married Thomas H. Selby, merchant of New York city. The second wife of Col. Prentice Williams, was Amelia West, formerly of Tolland, Conn., and sister of the first wife of Cyrus "Williams. Avery Williams, his oldest brother, has had four childron, two sons, and two daughters. Emily married Seth Seymour, of Stockbridge. Albert B., a merchant, is unmarried, lives in Mobile, Alabama. Marshall, died at Baltimore, Maryland, Oct. 1838, aged 21 years. Julia, is unmarried. Erastus Williams, who lives at Pittsford, New York, has four sons. Edwin. Asa. William, and Cyrus.

Gen. Williams had four children, three sons, and one daughter. Theodore, was born Dec. 6,1816, is unmarried, and lives at Stockbridge, with his father. Edwin B., was born Jan. 14,1821. He is a merchant, and resides in the city of New York, unmarried. Frances, was born Sept., 1827, married to George Coffing, of Salisbury, Conn. George, was born Aug. 29, 1832, and died March 25th, 1835.

Gen. Williams thinks that Ebenezer Williams was in no way connected with his family. Dr. Partridge informs him that he was of the Wethersfield branch of the Williams family. lie says there is yet another branch of Williams in the town of Stockbridge, who Dr. Partridge says, sprung from the Wethcrsfield stock. The father of William Williams 2d, of Stockbridge, was Abraham, and his father was Azariah. He was among the early settlers of Stockbridge. (Letter from Gen. Williams.)

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