Willie B. Williams, mother, housewife, clerk, bookkeeper, electrician, plumber. Willie B. was born on May 25, 1928 in the Oak Creek Community to Mr. and Mrs. W.D. McDaniel. She is one of three children. Her brother is Dayton, Jr. and her sister is Dean Nowell. Both live near Lexington.

She has lived all her life in the Oak Grove Community. She attended the Oak Grove Elementary School and then Lexington High School. She also attended West Tennessee Business College at Jackson. She married Alton Williams on May 25, 1947 and went to work at her first job in 1948 at Salant and Salant Corp.

She worked there until 1955 when Alton opened a store on Natchez Trace Drive. She quit at Salant and began clerking in the store. She said back then it was just mostly she and Alton. She learned during this time to fix most small appliances by helping Alton. She fixed most everything that others would not work on. She has also learned a lot about the plumbing business by helping Alton. Most people come into the store and tell her what their trouble is and she just tells them what it will take to fix it from a fuse that is blown to other more detailed troubles. They moved to their present location in May 1971. They now have a larger business and sell a lot wholesale.

Willie B. and Alton besides running their plumbing and electrical business also have a farm where they live in the Oak Grove Community. Willie B. said that she also helps to take care of the cattle and that they also have catfish ponds. She runs the store practically every day by herself as Alton and his helpers are usually out and busy.

Willie B. and Alton have one son, Johnny who is married to Lona Carol Holmes. They have two granddaughters, Hilary and Sunnie. Willie B. says she has been a lifelong Baptist and belongs to the Oak Grove Baptist Church.

I have known a lot of people but Willie B. is one of the very few that can fix just about anything that is broken in the line of electrical or plumbing business. I have been told all my life that she had taught Alton all he knew about the plumbing and electrical but when I talked to her she says that Alton has taught her everything she knows about this.

Having working across the street from her for several years and having known her for many more years than that, I would have to say that Willie B. is a first class neighbor. So the Times says Hats Off to Willie B. and we hope you have many, many more prosperous years!
The Henderson County Times - "Meet Your Neighbors" November 25, 1981

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