G N I S - Geographic Names Information System

Feature Name ID Class County Latitude Longitude State Map Ele(ft)* BGN Entry Date 	
Anderson Cemetery 1275700 Cemetery Henderson 354206N 0883203W TN Juno  	
Antioch Cemetery 1326703 Cemetery Henderson 354043N 0882551W TN Lexington 
Antioch Prim. Bap. Church 1304850 Church Henderson 354043N 0882555W TN Lexington  
Austin Chapel 1317443 Church Henderson 353017N 0881550W TN Reagan  
Autrey Cemetery 1276007 Cemetery Henderson 354019N 0881956W TN Chesterfield 
Bargerton Church of Christ 1646087 Church Henderson 354354N 0882932W TN Lexington  
Barnes Spring Church 1276361 Church Henderson 353106N 0882026W TN Reagan 
Beasley Cemetery 1276677 Cemetery Henderson 354714N 0881212W TN Holladay  	
Beech Grove Church 1305059 Church Henderson 353758N 0883105W TN Juno 
Beech River Cemetery 1646089 Cemetery Henderson 354130N 0882327W TN Lexington
Beech River Church (historical) 1323625 Church Henderson 354126N 0882329W TN Lexington 
Beecham Cemetery 1276861 Cemetery Henderson 353125N 0882422W TN Life
Bethel Church 1305133 Church Henderson 353818N 0882818W TN Lexington
Bible Grove Church 1305193 Church Henderson 354205N 0881616W TN Chesterfield 
Bible Hill Church 1277213 Church Henderson 354908N 0882851W TN Clarksburg 
Big Spring Church (historical) 1317446 Church Henderson 354908N 0882642W TN Clarksburg  
Big Springs Cemetery 1277426 Cemetery Henderson 353244N 0882832W TN Life  	
Big Springs CP Church (historical) 1317447 Church Henderson 353246N 0882832W TN Life
Boswell Cemetery 1278022 Cemetery Henderson 354425N 0882504W TN Lexington
Broad Street Church of Christ 1323627 Church Henderson 353913N 0882325W TN Lexington 
Brown Church 1278569 Church Henderson 353444N 0883107W TN Luray
Buckley Cemetery 1278873 Cemetery Henderson 353457N 0883338W TN Luray 				 
Buckley Cemetery 1278874 Cemetery Henderson 353510N 0881950W TN Reagan 
Caffey Cemetery 1279279 Cemetery Henderson 354213N 0882910W TN Lexington 
Cain Cemetery 1279289 Cemetery Henderson 354702N 0882110W TN Yuma  
Caraway Cemetery 1279644 Cemetery Henderson 353412N 0882359W TN Life  
Carnell Cemetery 1279685 Cemetery Henderson 354824N 0882237W TN Clarksburg  
Cedar Grove United Baptist Church 1317453 Church Henderson 352846N 0881603W TN Sardis 
Cedar Hill Church 1280069 Church Decatur 354457N 0881103W TN Parsons 
Center Grove Church 1280125 Church Henderson 354016N 0881656W TN Chesterfield  
Center Hill Baptist Church 1317454 Church Henderson 353228N 0882330W TN Life  
Center Ridge Church 1305808 Church Henderson 354300N 0882730W TN Lexington  
Central Grove Cemetery 1317456 Cemetery Henderson 354014N 0881700W TN Chesterfield  
Chapel Hill Baptist Church 1317457 Church Henderson 353555N 0882912W TN Life 
Christian Chapel 1305920 Church Henderson 354516N 0881326W TN Holladay  
Chumney Cemetery 1280544 Cemetery Henderson 353233N 0881446W TN Scotts Hill 
Coffman Cemetery 1317461 Cemetery Henderson 354850N 0882711W TN Clarksburg 
Cool Springs Church 1317463 Church Henderson 354459N 0883524W TN Juno 
Cooper Cemetery 1281191 Cemetery Henderson 353533N 0882937W TN Life 
Corinth Chapel 1306111 Church Henderson 353928N 0881418W TN Parsons  
County Farm Cemetery 1281382 Cemetery Henderson 353630N 0882458W TN Life 
Dameron Cemetery 1281996 Cemetery Henderson 354710N 0882043W TN Yuma  
Darden Baptist Church 1317466 Church Henderson 353822N 0881305W TN Parsons  
Derryberry Cemetery 1282371 Cemetery Henderson 354123N 0881318W TN Parson 
Doe Creek Church 1282578 Church Henderson 352812N 0881453W TN Thurman 
Doe Creek School (historical) 1317469 School Henderson 352810N 0881450W TN Thurman 
Douglass Cemetery 1282745 Cemetery Henderson 354527N 0882814W TN Clarksburg 
Duke Cemetery 1646122 Cemetery Henderson 353837N 0881134W TN Parsons 
Duke Chapel 1283111 Church Henderson 353835N 0881132W TN Parsons 
Ebenezer Church 1283471 Church Henderson 353208N 0881720W TN Reaga 
Edge Cemetery 1283513 Cemetery Henderson 352846N 0882142W TN Sardis  
Eubanks Cemetery 1283876 Cemetery Henderson 354458N 0881403W TN Parsons 
Evans Cemetery 1283898 Cemetery Henderson 354152N 0881302W TN Parsons 
Fairview Church 1284012 Church Henderson 354243N 0882317W TN Lexington  
Farmsville Cemetery 1326812 Cemetery Henderson 354811N 0881829W TN Yuma  
Fellowship Church 1284193 Church Henderson 352946N 0881536W TN Sardis   
First United Methodist Church 1323631 Church Henderson 353858N 0882329W TN Lexington   
Flake Cemetery 1284360 Cemetery Henderson 354551N 0882511W TN Clarksburg 
Garrett Cemetery 1285189 Cemetery Henderson 353320N 0882939W TN Life  
Greener Cemetery 1286164 Cemetery Henderson 354819N 0881543W TN Yuma   
Grider Cemetery 1286257 Cemetery Henderson 353045N 0882814W TN Life   
Gulledge Cemetery 1286391 Cemetery Henderson 354505N 0881134W TN Holladay  
Halbrook Cemetery 1286509 Cemetery Henderson 354134N 0882208W TN Chesterfield 
Hall Cemetery 1286565 Cemetery Henderson 354359N 0882903W TN Lexington  
Hamlet Cemetery 1286666 Cemetery Henderson 354102N 0883200W TN Juno   
Hare Cemetery 1286861 Cemetery Henderson 354251N 0882029W TN Chesterfield 
Harmon Cemetery 1286885 Cemetery Henderson 354218N 0882127W TN Chesterfield  
Hart Cemetery 1287040 Cemetery Henderson 354909N 0882831W TN Clarksburg 
Hayes Cemetery 1287215 Cemetery Henderson 354013N 0881248W TN Parsons  
Hedge Cemetery 1287322 Cemetery Henderson 354848N 0881238W TN Holladay  
Hendrix Cemetery 1287402 Cemetery Henderson 354334N 0881159W TN Parsons  
Hensley Cemetery 1287458 Cemetery Henderson 353510N 0881258W TN Scotts Hill  
Horn Cemetery 1288353 Cemetery Henderson 353615N 0882356W TN Life   
Independence Cemetery 1326704 Cemetery Henderson 354341N 0883510W TN Juno 
Independence Church 1288925 Church Henderson 354338N 0883507W TN Juno   
Jacks Creek Church 1289174 Church Henderson 353134N 0882713W TN Life  
Jones Cemetery 1289729 Cemetery Henderson 354737N 0882249W TN Clarksburg  
Jower Cemetery 1289857 Cemetery Henderson 354121N 0881841W TN Chesterfield  
Judson Church 1289871 Church Henderson 353544N 0881551W TN Reagan  
Keys Chapel United Methodist Church 1323633 Church Henderson 353827N 0882336W TN Lexington   
Kizer Cemetery 1290345 Cemetery Henderson 354311N 0882329W TN Lexington   
Kizer Cemetery 1290346 Cemetery Henderson 354611N 0882221W TN Yuma  
Lester Cemetery 1291040 Cemetery Henderson 354725N 0881312W TN Holladay  
Lewis Cemetery 1291070 Cemetery Henderson 354510N 0882420W TN Clarksburg 
Lindsey Cemetery 1291322 Cemetery Henderson 354131N 0882022W TN Chesterfield 
Little Cub Creek 1291466 Stream Henderson 354646N 0881226W TN Holladay  
Little Hurricane Cemetery 1291534 Cemetery Henderson 352738N 0881948W TN Sardis  
Little Hurricane Church (historical) 1317485 Church Henderson 352735N 0881948W TN Sardis 
Lone Chestnut Cemetery 1291839 Cemetery Henderson 352418N 0875956W TN Clifton 459 
Macedonia Cemetery 1292401 Cemetery Henderson 353608N 0882510W TN Life   
Maple Grove Baptist Church 1317488 Church Henderson 353713N 0882450W TN Life  
Maple Springs Church 1292639 Church Henderson 353923N 0883616W TN Juno  
Marlin Cemetery 1292705 Cemetery Henderson 354645N 0882247W TN Clarksburg  
Marls Bluff Church 1292716 Church Henderson 352724N 0882120W TN Sardis  
Mays Chapel Cemetery 1317490 Cemetery Henderson 354237N 0881835W TN Chesterfield  
McBride Cemetery 1293087 Cemetery Henderson 352626N 0881838W TN Sardis  
McCall Cemetery 1293103 Cemetery Henderson 353853N 0881753W TN Chesterfield  
McCoy Cemetery 1293204 Cemetery Henderson 354353N 0881405W TN Parsons   
Middle Fork Church 1293668 Church Henderson 353325N 0883203W TN Luray    
Mills-Darden Cemetery 1317493 Cemetery Henderson 353649N 0883019W TN Luray    
Milton Cemetery 1294014 Cemetery Henderson 354436N 0881552W TN Chesterfield   
Mincey Cemetery 1294023 Cemetery Henderson 354411N 0881340W TN Parsons   
Montgomery School 1294205 School Henderson 353902N 0882357W TN Lexington 
Moore Cemetery 1294265 Cemetery Henderson 354257N 0881340W TN Parsons    
Morgan Cemetery 1294358 Cemetery Henderson 354756N 0881132W TN Holladay  
Morris Cemetery 1294418 Cemetery Henderson 354859N 0881725W TN Yuma  
Mount Ararat Cemetery 1317496 Cemetery Henderson 354127N 0881211W TN Parsons   
Mount Ararat Church 1294547 Church Henderson 354124N 0881213W TN Parsons  
Mount Ararat Church 1294548 Church Henderson 354914N 0882847W TN Clarksburg  
Mount Carmel Cemetery 1294570 Cemetery Decatur 353001N 0880000W TN Perryville  
Mount Gilead Baptist Church 1317497 Church Henderson 354614N 0883158W TN Cedar Grove 
Mount Gilead Church 1294614 Church Henderson 353309N 0882038W TN Reagan  
Mount Moriah Church 1294677 Church Henderson 353120N 0882129W TN Reagan  
Mount Pisgah Church 1294741 Church Henderson 354539N 0881958W TN Yuma   
Mount Pleasant Church 1294766 Church Henderson 354833N 0882952W TN Clarksburg 
Mount Tabor Church 1294802 Church Henderson 354307N 0883038W TN Juno  
Mount Zion Cemetery 1294862 Cemetery Henderson 353345N 0882517W TN Life  
Mullins Cemetery 1295084 Cemetery Henderson 353629N 0882714W TN Life  
Nebo Church 1295292 Church Henderson 353822N 0883408W TN Juno    
New Bethel Church 1295429 Church Henderson 353728N 0882849W TN Life   
New Hope Cemetery 1326705 Cemetery Henderson 353453N 0881917W TN Reagan 
New Hope Church 1295531 Church Henderson 353456N 0881918W TN Reagan 5 
Newson Cemetery 1295703 Cemetery Henderson 353541N 0881238W TN Scotts Hill   
Oak Grove Cemetery 1647414 Cemetery Henderson 353926N 0882007W TN Chesterfield  
Oak Grove Church 1296091 Church Henderson 353534N 0881508W TN Reagan  
Oak Grove Church 1296095 Church Henderson 353931N 0882005W TN Chesterfield 
Old Big Springs Cemetery 1296279 Cemetery Henderson 353221N 0882834W TN Life  
Old Hephzibah Cemetery 1296322 Cemetery Henderson 353903N 0882952W TN Lexington   
Palestine Cemetery 1296678 Cemetery Henderson 353527N 0882652W TN Life 
Palestine Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1317499 Church Henderson 353530N 0882632W TN Life  
Patterson Cemetery 1296939 Cemetery Henderson 353039N 0882456W TN Life 
Pearson Cemetery 1297077 Cemetery Henderson 354757N 0882509W TN Clarksburg 
Pine Grove Church 1297530 Church Henderson 354337N 0882326W TN Lexington 
Piney Cemetery 1297617 Cemetery Henderson 353611N 0882342W TN Life 
Piney Church 1297618 Church Henderson 353351N 0882134W TN Reagan  
Pleasant Grove Church 1297822 Church Henderson 354353N 0881357W TN Parsons 
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church 1317506 Church Henderson 353953N 0881957W TN Chesterfield  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 1317507 Cemetery Henderson 354536N 0883227W TN Cedar Grove  
Pleasant Hill Church 1317508 Church Henderson 353950N 0881137W TN Parsons  
Pleasant View Cemetery 1297947 Cemetery Henderson 352751N 0881807W TN Sardis  
Pleasant View Church (historical) 1317510 Church Henderson 352751N 0881809W TN Sardis 
Poplar Corner Church 1298175 Church Henderson 354629N 0882652W TN Clarksburg 
Poplar Springs Methodist Church 1317511 Church Henderson 354258N 0883332W TN Juno 
Presler Cemetery 1298473 Cemetery Henderson 353100N 0882305W TN Life 545 -  
Presley Cemetery 1298474 Cemetery Henderson 353534N 0881334W TN Scotts Hill  
Prospect Church (historical) 1317514 Church Henderson 352730N 0881607W TN Sardis  
Prospect Church (historical) 1323640 Church Henderson 354140N 0882609W TN Lexington   
Rhodes Cemetery 1299282 Cemetery Henderson 354359N 0882412W TN Lexington  
Ridge Grove Church 1299391 Church Henderson 354215N 0882720W TN Lexington   
Ridley Chapel 1299419 Church Henderson 353012N 0882044W TN Reagan   
Rock Hill Missionary Baptist Church 1317517 Church Henderson 353727N 0881911W TN Reagan   
Rock Springs Cemetery 1317519 Cemetery Henderson 354744N 0882658W TN Clarksburg  
Rock Springs Methodist Church 1317520 Church Henderson 354744N 0882700W TN Clarksburg 
Rush Cemetery 1300260 Cemetery Henderson 354630N 0882047W TN Yuma 
Saints Chapel 1300529 Church Henderson 353436N 0882344W TN Life
Sand Ridge Baptist Church 1646091 Church Henderson 354048N 0882844W TN Lexington 
Sardis Baptist Church 1300792 Church Henderson 352615N 0881701W TN Sardis  
Sardis Cemetery 1317524 Cemetery Henderson 352612N 0881659W TN Sardis   
Scott Cemetery 1300930 Cemetery Henderson 353759N 0882620W TN Lexington 
Scotts Hill First Baptist Church 1317528 Church Henderson 353106N 0881447W TN Scotts Hill    
Seats Chapel 1301005 Church Henderson 354842N 0882948W TN Clarksburg   
Shady Grove Church 1301170 Church Henderson 354141N 0883245W TN Juno   
Sharon Church (historical) 1317531 Church Henderson 354525N 0883050W TN Cedar Grove   
Shiloh Church 1303579 Church Henderson 352917N 0882456W TN Enville  
Spain Cemetery 1270941 Cemetery Henderson 354825N 0883359W TN Cedar Grove   
Spring Hill Cemetery 1317534 Cemetery Henderson 352540N 0881833W TN Sardis
Spring Hill Church (historical) 1317535 Church Henderson 352542N 0881834W TN Sardis   
Strayleaf Church 1303878 Church Henderson 354521N 0882532W TN Clarksburg  
Stringtown Church 1317537 Church Henderson 353700N 0882251W TN Life    
Timberlake School 1272653 School Henderson 354317N 0882324W TN Lexington  
Tucker Cemetery 1272943 Cemetery Henderson 352419N 0875918W TN Clifton
Union Church 1304225 Church Henderson 353804N 0881526W TN Chesterfield  
Union Grove Cemetery 1317546 Cemetery Henderson 354022N 0883614W TN Juno  
Union Grove Church 1304241 Church Henderson 354023N 0883615W TN Juno 
Union Hill Cemetery 1317547 Cemetery Henderson 352952N 0882258W TN Enville  
Union Hill Church 1304252 Church Henderson 352954N 0882256W TN Enville  
Union Hill Church (historical) 1317548 Church Henderson 352521N 0881614W TN Sardis 
Wallace Cemetery 1273669 Cemetery Henderson 353905N 0881834W TN Chesterfield  
West Prong Doe Creek 1274219 Stream Hardin 352441N 0881317W TN Thurman  
White Cemetery 1274347 Cemetery Henderson 354828N 0882621W TN Clarksburg   
Wildersville Baptist Church 1317553 Church Henderson 354651N 0882128W TN Yuma   
Williams Cemetery 1274654 Cemetery Henderson 354605N 0881218W TN Holladay 
Wilson Cemetery 1274808 Cemetery Henderson 354837N 0882153W TN Yuma 
Zion Rest Church 1275378 Church Henderson 354305N 0882423W TN Lexington 

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