Natchez Trace

This cemetrey is in the Natchez Trace area of Henderson County about 1 1/2 Miles South of the Natchez Trace store near Brown's Creek Lake. The photos above were taken when I visited this cemetery on November 10, 2002. David Donahue had also found this cemetery in 1999 at which time it was indicated there were 66 Concrete Block in place. I have read that the Maness school house was built directly over several graves in the 1920's and I have to wonder what those in charge were thinking, if this is true!

Most likely this cemetery never had carved markers. It probably is very old and contained only fieldstones. In appearance in probably was something like the Gibson Cemetery six miles east in Decatur County, one of the few cemeteries which retains an early-mid 19th century appearance. For a school to have been built over several graves in the Altom Cemetery would seem to indicate that the cemetery had been out of use for many years by the 1920s.     --- David Donahue, January 1999

***** Information at Find-A-Grave by Jacob Everett who does "not" leave an email address!!!!
GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 35.72216, Longitude: -88.29467
Maness Schoolhouse stood over this cemetery in the 1920s. The cemetery was rediscovered in 1991 by descendants of the people buried here. They told the park authorities and they restored the cemetery. Radar detector discovered 66 graves and marked them with concrete blocks. They also removed trees and built a fence.
Altom, Edward
Altom, James b. 1810 d. 1840 -- He is the only person who is known for a fact to be buried in the cemetery.
Altom, Spencer b. 1784 d. 1880 - Died sometime after the 1880 census - likely he was buried in this cemetery.

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