* George Anderson Cemetery *

From U.S. Highway 412 near Westover School turn north onto Hopper Road, drive about .8 mile to Poplar Springs-Juno Road, turn east onto same and drive about 1 mile; at this point walk directly south through a field to this graveyard located in a copse of trees.

There are at least five fieldstone marked graves in this burial ground. In an interview of Jonathan Smith with James Curtis Hopper (born 1919) at 811 Poplar Springs-Juno Road, June 19, 2001, the latter stated that in an unmarked grave here lies Joseph (Joe) A. Douglass (November 18, 1875-November 22, 1899), father of John G. Douglas,* father of his wife, Josephine Hopper. Mr. J. C. Hopper owns the land this graveyard is situated upon.
*Recent generations have spelled their last name, Douglas.

ANDERSON, Cornelious 03 Sep 1847 17 Aug 1871   (23 yrs 11mts 24dy)
George & Mary Anderson
ANDERSON, George 16 Jul 1798 14 Aug 1864 Mary (66 yrs 28 dys)
Preserve me oh God for in thee do I put my trust
ANDERSON, John William 22 May 1826 05 Apr 1876   In Memory (Masonic Emblem)
George & Mary Anderson
ANDERSON, Mary 16 Jul 1808 27 Sep 1875 George Anderson (67 yrs 2mts 1 day)
Thy word is a lamp into my feet and light unto my path

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