Berry Olive Graveyard

At a point on Highway 22-North, 1.8 miles south of I-40, at Parker's Cross Raods, Henderson Co., Tenn., turn west on Flake Cemetery Road and after 1 mile turn directly north onto a field road and .1 mile, on the verge of a wooded area, on a brow of land, is located the Berry Olive graveyard.

Mr. Samuel Henderson (Bud) Taylor, born 1863, informed Jonathan Smith early in 1956 that his own father-in-law Howell Oliver (1814-1888) and his two wives, Ann and Martha Olive are buried here. The three graves of these people are still discernible and known to several of their descendants. Vinca covers a wider area an dlikely buried here are Howell Olive's parents, Isham and Dicy Olive and perhaps a child of James berry Olive, a brother of Howell Olive. Mr. Bud Taylor said that this graveyard had always gone by the name of Berry Olive Graveyard.
Found in the Lexington Public Library Cemetery Folder

From information provided on the internet I've found that Olive Howell, son of Isham & Dicie (Taylor) Howell was born in Wake County NC. He was married to Ann Lyon 13 Feb 1839 Ann was born 1822 in Wake Co. N.C. To them were born six children.
1. Martha Jane Olive 26 Dec 1842 Henderson Co
2. James G. Olive
3. Thomas S. Olive
4. Richard Booth Olive
5. Miles Turner Olive 17 Sep 1851
6. Frances F. Olive

His second marriage to Martha Jane Stanford occurred 12 Apr 1858 in Carroll Co TN. Martha was born in 1831 TN the daughter of Jesse Stanford. To them were born the following children;
7. Homer L. Olive
8. William Jess Olive
9. Mary Elizabeth Olive
10. Dissie Ann Olive
11. John H. Olive 16 Aug 1868
12. Robert A. Olive
13. L.R. Olive
14. Herman Olive

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