Grider Cemetery

(From the Lexington Progress 10 September 1975 by Diane Reed)
The Grider Cemetery is located in the south section of Henderson County on the Marvin Morris farm. It has a total of 36 graves, only 19 of them marked. The names on the stones are Grider, Thompson, Hendrix, Rhodes and Newsom. The oldest marked graves is John Grider, 1755-1798. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. His wife, Isabel Blain/Blair is buried beside him (1761-1802). The Griders married into the Thompson family. Appie Grider married Isaac Thompson, who is believed to have come to America from Ireland. One whole row is made up of Hendrix babies. Mary and A.J. Hendrix had seven babies who died from the age of 1 month to 8 months. The grave of the mother is nearby. She died in 1864, two years after the last baby died. Another grave is that of a returning soldier who died while on his way home from Mississippi from the Civil War in 1866. He became sick and asked to spend the night with a Rhodes family who lived near the cemtery. The soldier, believed to be Piley Newsom, died during the night. His grave is about 30 feet from the other graves. His tombstone reads, "Farewell my wife and children all, my soul to Heaven the Lord doth call". During the Civil War, a young man was riding in a wagon with his family at Middlefork. Some Union soldier believed him to be a Confederate spy and they seized him. Edwin Rhodes, sitting on his front porch making shoes, saw the soldiers marching him down Laster road. They took him up a hollow, shot him, and buried him under a tree root. This is now called the Dancer Hollow on the J.J. Grissom farm. Also during the Civil War, a young boy named Dodd was captured by the Union Army because they thought he was a Confederate spy. They shot him, cut his face off and nailed it to a tree. his playmate came by and saw it hanging there and recognized him. Dodd's body was buried in Unity Cemetery and his tombstone reads, "Brutally murdered".

GRIDER, Isabel Blair 13 Dec 1761 1802 John Grider Sr.  
GRIDER, John 11 Jul 1755 1798 Isabel Blair  
GRIDER, John Silas 14 Jan 1859 21 Apr 1859   Silas & Mary A. Grider
GRIDER, Narcissa Isabel 12 Jul 1831 25 Oct 1831    
GRIDER, Sally 10 Oct 1794 16 Sep 1858    
GRIDER, Silas 01 Dec 1796 18 Jun 1872    
HENDRIX, 07 Oct 1840 22 Oct 1840   son of R.L. & Mary Jane Hendrix
HENDRIX, Sep 1857 infant   daughter of R.L. & M.J. Hendrix
HENDRIX, Nov 1858 Infant   son of R.L. & M.J. Hendrix
HENDRIX, Caleb A. 15 Dec 1860 07 Jul 1860??   R.L. & M.J. Hendrix
HENDRIX, Mary Jane 06 Jul 1819 10 May 1864 R.L. Hendrix  
HENDRIX, Mary F. 22 Dec 1853 23 Jan 1854   R.L. & Mary Jane Hendrix
HENDRIX, Perlina (Scrap) 12 Jul 1861 Apr 1869   R.L. & M.J. Hendrix
NEWSOM, Piley 21 Jan 1808 24 Aug 1862    
RHODES, Martha P. 08 Jan 1869 07 Apr 1869    
THOMPSON, Appie (Grider)   abt 24y Isaac Thompson  
THOMPSON, James Wilson        
THOMPSON, Silas C.W. 27 Jul 1850 03 Apr 1851   Evan & Tennessee (Grider) Thompson
THOMPSON, Tennessee (Grider) 03 Jan 1825 20 Apr 1852 Evan Thompson  

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