* Lindsey-Eubanks Cemetery *

Lindsey-Eubanks Cemetery is a small, well-maintained cemetery on the east side of Nealis Woods Road, about 1 mile south of Christian Chapel Road in northeastern Henderson County.

There are six graves marked only by fieldstones, five graves marked with concrete blocks, and a few more unmarked graves.

Photos by David Donahue, transcribed October 15, 2003.

My husband Max E. Autry's family has mowed the Lindsey-Eubanks Cemetery for years. There are several sandstones in the cemetery. We have found out that Sanford and Sara Elizabeth Halbrook Hendrix had two sons buried in the cemetery.
Homer Hendrix b. 5-8-1886-lived 18 months
Omer Hendrix b. 5-8-1888 and lived 24 hours.
John Allen and Margery Isable Autry Rogers has two children buried in the cemetery.
Beela Rogers (twin) b. 8-7-1893 d. 9-14-1896
Beeler Rogers (twin) b. 8-7-1893 d. 8-29-1896
There are sandstones where they were buried. On one of the sandstone, we found an initial. The Rogers twins were buried in front of their grand parents Elijah and Catherine Autry. The Hendrix children were buried near the road on the left side of the cemetery. We hope you can put this in the records of the Lindsey-Eubanks Cemetery. We are afraid that no one will know they are buried there in a few years after we are gone.
-- Max E. and Evelyn Autry (to David Donahue June 3, 2003)

AUTRY, Catherine 1837 1909 Elijah Autry  
AUTRY, Elijah A. 1836 1910 Catherine  
AUTRY, Johnnie M. 1879 1896    
DODD, Bettie E> 1867 1947 Phillip P. Dodd  
DODD, Phillip P. 1936 1866 Bettie E.  
EUBANKS, E.C. 30 Apr 1842   T.M. Eubanks (Photos above)
EUBANKS, T.M. 19 Mar 1833 23 Jan 1916 E.C. (Photos above)
EUBANKS, W.M. 20 Jul 1873 18 Dec 1891   T.M. & E.C. Eubanks

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