McHaney Cemetery is an antebellum white family cemetery in southwestern Henderson County. To reach the cemetery, drive south on Luray Road and turn east on Luray Station Road, a new subdivision street. Drive to the end of the street and park. Walk about 300 yards to the northeast, following the line of woods. At one time this cemetery was served by the same access drive as the black McHaney Cemetery, which is in the woods about 500 yards to the southeast.
McHaney Cemetery may have about 18 graves which are visible only as depressions. No graves remain individually marked. There is a memorial marker listing 13 people buried here. At least two graves were individually marked at one time but in 2004 one individual marker, its footstone, and the footstone for a second burial were found leaning against the memorial marker. No other markers or footstones were visible.
David Donahue recorded McHaney Cemetery March 7, 2004.

BERGER, Creed 1850 1862   David and Mary Jane (McHaney) Berger
BERGER, David 1814 1847 Mary Jane McHaney
m 8 Apr 1838
BERGER, Mary Jane 09 Nov 1820 10 Aug 1860 David Berger
Thomas Johnson
Cornelius and Patience (Hurt) McHaney
McHANEY, Callie P. 1843 1862    
McHANEY, Cornelius 18 Jan 1782 19 Aug 1842 Patience P. Hurt
m 11 Jan 1811 Campbell VA
Cornelius and Mildred (Hicks) McHaney
McHANEY, Creed Dabnor 22 Dec 1811 1860 Elizabeth N. Terry
m 15 Dec 1834 Pittsylvania VA
Cornelius and Patience (Hurt) McHaney
McHANEY, Elizabeth N. (Terry) 1816 1875 Creed Dabnor McHaney  
McHANEY, J.C. 05 Oct 1853 15 May 1854   Single Headstone
James Harrison and Nancy (Terry) McHaney
McHANEY, John Harrison 27 Nov 1823 25 Aug 1856 Nancy Taylor Meadows Cornelius and Patience (Hurt) McHaney
McHANEY, Martha H. 1851 1852    
McHANEY, Neily 1854 1855   John H. McHaney
McHANEY, Patience P. (Hurt) 04 Jun 1794 11 Nov 1836 Cornelius McHaney James and Agnes (Harris) Hurt
McHANEY, Susan 1786 1840 Cornelius McHaney  
McHANEY, W.J. 1847 1875    

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