Pleasant Hill Cemetery is located on Pleasant Hill Road, off Alberton Road east of Lexington. It is across the road from Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. The exact number of graves is unknown. About 130 concrete blocks mark older graves not otherwise marked. They may have replaced earlier fieldstones. There are many more graves marked by temporary marker plates without information. David Donahue recorded this cemetery December 2001; checked and updated it September 29, 2002, and updated it October 4, 2003.

Jonathan K. T. Smith recorded this cemetery circa 1995. His record appears in Tombstone Inscriptions from Black Cemeteries in Henderson County, Tennessee, 1995. His information is integrated into the record below. He noted that "the first church was supposedly built here about 1872." Belinda Timberlake and Pam Prater recorded the cemetery in 1976. Their record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions. This is referred to as Timberlake and Prater in notes below.

On September 28, 2002, Joseph Parker, son of the late Mary Henry Parker, relayed that his mother told a story about the origin of the concrete blocks. The L&N railroad once had number of construction workers die during an epidemic. The workers were buried in this cemetery where the concrete blocks are. This story, if true, will not be true for all the concrete blocks. In some rows the concrete blocks are interspersed with carved markers, so most blocks in these rows probably mark the graves of earlier generations of families using the cemetery.

BEAL, Birdie Elizabeth
12 Feb 1912 16 Aug 1990    
BEAL, George Thomas
27 Feb 1930 6 May 2003 Janice S. Corbitt Birdie Elizabeth Beal
PFC US Army Korea
HAMILTON, Aquilla J.
13 Apr 1896 19 Jan 2003 Edie Harmon  
HAMILTON, Edie L. (Harmon) 1906 1989 Aquilla Hamilton  
HARMON, Elcie V. 06 Sep 1903 16 Oct 1974 Hubert Harmon  
HARMON, Hubert 04 Aug 1896 06 Nov 1978 Elcie V.  
HARMON, John       Great Granddaddy of Harmon Family
HARMON, John B. 1909 1996    
HARMON, Mattie 1874 1914    
HARMON, Raleigh 1908 1979    
HARMON, Richard 14 Nov 1921 23 May 1943   WW II
HARMON, Willie 1868 1947 Hubert Harmon  
PARKER, Genie Jr.
82y 03 Dec 2013 Leara  

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