Preslar Cemetery
This is a very old family cemetery located on Preslar Road about a mile west of state highway 22. The cemetery is full. There are many fieldstones. What is most interesting at this cemetery is the small footstone size markers with names. It appears that someone has had name markers made for all the unmarked and fieldstone-marked graves for known individuals. The note "replacement" refers to this type of marker. In 1993 Preslar Cemetery seemed to be receiving occasional but not regularly mowing, and it was difficult to see the small markers in the tall grass. David Donahue recorded this cemetery on May 16, 1993. (Photo by David Donahue May 1993)

GOWER, Jurancy Curantha (Preslar) 16 Mar 1837 12 Nov 1891 George W. Little
George Washington Gower
PRESLAR, A. L. 11 Apr 1861 20 Sep 1935    
PRESLAR, A. L. Mrs. 12 Sep 1866 4 Apr 1952 A. L. Preslar  
PRESLAR, Annie 1870's 1930's   Stevens & Nancy (Stewart) Preslar
PRESLAR, Baby        
PRESLAR, Baby        
PRESLAR, Betty        
PRESLAR, Elbert        
PRESLAR, Elizabeth        
30 Jan 1814 05 Apr 1887 Rhoda Horn Stephen & Anna Preslar
PRESLAR, Julius        
PRESLAR, Leona 8y 7m 5d 10 Oct 1913   A. L. & C. R. Preslar
PRESLAR, Marshal G. 31 Dec 1875 6 Sep 1876   Joel & M. A. Preslar
PRESLAR, Melissa 11y 2m 23d 27 Sep 1906   A. L. & C. R. Preslar
PRESLAR, Miles        
PRESLAR, Nancy        
PRESLAR, Ransom        
PRESLAR, Rhoda (Horn) 08 May 1816 01 Aug 1878 Hosea Preslar  
PRESLAR, Sila        
PRESLAR, Stevens        
PRESLAR, Ulysses        
PRESLAR, W. R. 21y 9m 27d 9 Nov 1906   A. L. & C. R. Preslar
PRESLAR, William V.        
SMITH, Baby >        
SMITH, Baby        
SMITH, Catherine Elizabeth (Stewart) 1 Oct 1864 5 May 1899 J. T. Smith  
SMITH, Dora 31 Jan 1886 10 Nov 1901   J. T. & C. E. Smith
SMITH, Hester 6 Apr 1889 9 Jul 1899   J. T. & C. E. Smith
SMITH, Monnie 5 Aug 1891 14 Jul 1892   J. T. & C. E. Smith
STEWART, Caroline        
STEWART, Catherine (Richardson) 1802 1890 Alfred Merrill Stewart  
STEWART, Linnie        
STEWART, Melvina        
STEWART, Peggy        
STEWART, Vesta        
WADDLE, Baby        
WADDLE, Jess        
WRIGHT, Annie (Stewart)        

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