Old Shady Grove Methodist CHurch

From U.S. Highway 412 north onto Hopper Road, some .8 mile, turn east onto Poplar Springs-Juno Road and at about .1 mile walk directly north through a field; a large oak tree now occupies the general site of the meetinghouse. The old Shady Grove burial ground was long ago abandoned and some of its tombstones were subsequently carried off; the few now left have fallen and/or been shattered. Read by the present writer, (Jonathan Smith) June 19, 2001.

Nearby lays the lower portion of a tombstone that is inscribed, with a nineteenth century death date evident, "in the 21 year of her age. If this is part of the lower portion of Malinda Bevill’s tombstone, as she was given as age 9 years in the 1850 Census in her parents’ household (page 328), then she died about 1862.

BEVILL, Malinda       John B. & Sarah Bevill
WILSON, Elizabeth 23y 9m 9d 10 Feb 1851   John B. & Sarah Wilson
WILSON, Joseph B. 10y 5m 2d 10 Mar 1845   John B. & Sarah Wilson
WILSON, Sarah (Caffey) 01 Dec 1804   John Wilson
(Buried at Caffey Cemetery)

Sarah Caffy (Coffy) and John Wilson were married in Rockingham County, North Carolina, November 28, 1822 (bond).
The biographical sketch of their son, James T. Wilson   (History of Henderson County, by W. A. Goodspeed, 1887, page 861) states that he was born the son of John B. and Sallie Coffy, the fourth of nine children; that the Wilsons moved from Carolina to Henderson County in 1832. The mother died and the father was remarried to Mary Pugh. (unquote) The mother is stated to have died in 1846 which is in error because she was still living in 1850. The mother died sometime in the 1850s and her widower married Mary Pugh with whom there were no known children. John B. Wilson died in 1876 on September 4, that year, Jackson Anderson qualified as administrator of his estate. (Henderson County Administrators Records, 1861-1899, page 149) His heirs receiving portions of his estate in 1879 were S. M. Wilson, J. C. Wilson, J. T. Wilson, Frank Wilson, Mahala Wilson and the wife of Henry Flake. (IBID. Administrators, Executors Settlements, 1859-1881, pages 383-385) John B. Wilson (February 5, 1798-August 3, 1876) and Mary (Pugh) Wilson (March 7, 1810-February 13, 1885) were buried in the Caffey Cemetery near Bargerton along with his sons, J. C. Wilson (1825-1907) and S. M. Wilson (1832-1914). The son, Francis Asbury Wilson (1842-1921) is buried elsewhere in the county.

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