Smith Chapel

This cemetery is located on Smith Chapel Road, almost on the Decatur County line. The cemetery was very active in the late 19th century, but the frequency of burials dropped after 1920. Two families were still using the cemetery in the 1990s. Maintenance seems to be limited to a periodic grass cutting. There are several dozen unmarked or fieldstone marked graves. David Donahue recorded this cemetery on December 29, 1990 and updated it May 5, 1997. There were no new burials between May 1997 and January 2002. Anita Webb and Alicia Adcox recorded this cemetery in the 1970s. Their work is included in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Harris, Memphis, 1976), Vol. III, pp. 496-502. This is referred to as "Webb and Adcocks" in the notes below. For more than half of the cemetery the information reported was abbreviated to first name, last name, birth year, death year, regardless of how much information was on the marker.

BROWN, Annie 1888 1973 S.L. Brown  
BROWN, Elizabeth
Headstone Photo
15 Sep 1842 12 Jun 1920 Houston Brown  
BROWN, Houston
Headstone Photo
14 Dec 1843 21 Aug 1888    
BROWN, Nancy (Mills)
Headstone Photo
31 Jan 1876 21 Sep 1901 A.J. Brown B. and D.C. Mills
BROWN, Nannie B. 06 Oct 1878 16 Feb 1879   W.D. and Mollie Brown
BROWN, S.L. 1874 1933 Annie  
BROWN, T.R. 9y 8m 20d No Dates    

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