Corinth Baptist Church

Henderson County TN

A Word From The Pastor - Bro. Dan Franks

As we come on this historic occasion to rejoice together in the Grace of God, I would like to take this opportunity to do two things:

First, I want to say that I am grateful that the Lord sent me to be your pastor. Your prayers, support, patience and Christian love have made this a wonderful experience.

Second, the accomplishments of the present are possible because of your dedication and sacrifice as well as that of all the pastors and members who have faithfully served the Lord since the beginning of this great church.

We must look upon the fields that are white unto harvest. God, grant that as we continue to pray, sing, preach and teach, that we may "go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled." Matthew 14:23. Our Lord Jesus came to seek and to save the lost; and what a great priviledge to labour together with the Lord in winning the lost and equipping the saints.

October 30, 1994 2:00 P.M.

Order of Service

Opening Prayer
Weocome - Brother Don Franks
Recognition of Special Guests
Recognition of Former Pastors
Presentation of History of Corinth Baptist Church
Choir Special
Message - Broter J.V. Reeves


The Music Of Corinth

The good singing of Corinth Church can mostly be accred­ited to the Renfroe family, beginning with Mr. Luther Renfroe, who had a great talent for music. He taught music to many and handed this talent down to his family. Neighbors reported they could hear the family singing often.

At one time, there was a quartet made up of family mem­bers Obie, Covie, Ruth and Beulah. Later on, there was the Harmony Quartet with Obie and Covie Renfroe, Elbert Reeves and Howard Walker. Leveda Reeves sang with them sometimes. Pianist was Faustine Renfroe.

Mr. Luther was song leader at Corinth for a number of years. His son, Obie, was also song leader for several years, and at the present time, Obie's son, Keith is song leader. Presently, there is the singing Renfroe Family made up of Obie, Faustine, and their children, Keith, Beverly, and Pat. Pianist is Faustine Renfroe.

Organist is Valerie Renfroe.

Mr. Ernest Wallace bought the first piano for Corinth Church.

Corinth's History

There is no record of the exact date our church was established, but it seems to have been in 1868.

Bro. Henry Newman held a two-week revival in a brush harbor. At the end of this revival, it was decided to organize a church. The church was given the name Corinth after the church at Corinth in the Bible.

At this time, they built a slightly better shelter. This was done by put­ting posts in the ground and covering them with boards. Sawdust was put on the ground to serve as a floor. The seats were made from blocks of wood with planks laid across them. This served as the church until cold weather, at which time they moved into a one-room log building which was the school house.

The first recorded minutes of the church were in 1880. At this time, the church met for the purpose of electing delegates to the association. They were Bro. Newman, Jasper Dye, J.L. Davis and J. B. Elliot.

In 1896, W. H. Davis donated 1 1/2 acres of land for the purpose of building a church and for the cemetery. The white frame church was built near the site of our new church. The church also served as a school until 1943 when Midway School was built.

The minutes were recorded only once a year for several years. They only had church services once a month in early years of the church.

Corinth was host to the Beech River Baptist Association in 1908. Dr. W. Golden preached the missionary sermon. Dr. G.M. Savage was in atten­dance. All churches combined gave $384.61 for missions.

Corinth again hosted the association in 1952. A memorial page was placed in the minutes for Bro. George Kolwyck. He had conducted 45 meetings during his ministry. He died while on his knees praying in the North Bemis Baptist Church. Bro. E.E. Duesner preached the missionary sermon.

In 1938, it was voted to have preaching twice a month with Sunday school every Sunday.

The church would not carry on any business on Sundays, so they would meet on Saturday night for their business meetings. In 1945 it was voted to abolish this rule and to have business meetings on Sunday.

Corinth Church moved into its new block building on August 1, 1965, which is now fellowship hall. Dedication was held the 5th Sunday in Octo­ber, 1965.

In 1972 two Sunday school rooms and bathrooms were added. Arra and Jessie Kolwyck bought the brick and paid for the labor to have the church bricked at this time.

The church voted to go full-time December 14, 1975.

In 1976, the church was remodeled. An addition was built on to the back to be used for Sunday school rooms and fellowship hall. The bathrooms were moved, a baptistmal was added, and new pews were installed.

The first Bible school was held in 1976.

The first service in the new sanctuary was held Sunday night, July 17, 1994. A baptismal service was held with Randy Lindsey being baptised. Re­vival also began that day. Bro. Jeff Flowers was the visiting evangelist.

In 1938, the BYPU was started and officers were elected as follows:


Arra Kolwyck

Vice President

L.C. Renfroe


Erby Kolwyck

Group Captain

Opal Renshaw

Group Captain

Jessie Kolwyck

Special Assignments

Clara Mae Reeves

Acteens was established in April of 1986. Their first meeting was held in June of 1986. Those in the first enrollment were Kristy Hendrix, Jana Hendrix, and Christy Hughes with Shirley Austin as leader. Their first Rec­ognition Service was held at Union Baptist Church on October 19, 1986. The first Recognition Service held at Corinth Baptist Church was in October, 1987. At that time there were eight enrolled with Valerie Renfroe leader.

The Mission Group was was started in April, 1986. Mission Friend Leaders were Sherry and Valerie Renfroe with three enrolled: Mallory Renfroe, Jessica Renfroe and P. R. Morris.

G.A's leader was Carol Morris. Enrolled were Jennifer Morris, Haley Bedwell, Tammy Austin, Terrie Hill and Kelley Hendrix.

R.A leaders were and are Keith Renfroe, Ray Morris and Phil Threet with three members: Chris Maness, Micah Renfroe and Bruce Taylor.

The WMU was organized in January, 1990, with Mrs. Edith Blackwell as president, which position she is still serving. The WMU is a support group for each Mission class. They are also prayer warriors and support all the needs of the church.

As of today our leaders are Vickey Wadley, Mission Friends; Jewell Reeves and Sherry Renfroe, G.A's; Valerie Renfroe and Joy Threet, Acteens.

Today our missions have expanded and are growing in number and spirit.

Preachers Ordained at Cornith

1. J.B. Eads

5. Dennis Reeves

2. Lee Carrington

6. James Renfroe

3. George Kolwyck

7. Robert Reeves

4. J.V. Reeves

8. Curtis Wilson

1868-1884	 Henry Newman
1884-1891	 C. C. Bussel
1892-1897	 G. H. Wood
1897-1899	 J. B. Hays
1900-1903	 E. L. Davis
1904-1905	 C. C. Bussel
1906-1908 O. H. Davis
1908-1910	 T. M. Newman
1911-1914	 Asa Joyner
1914-1919	 Lee Carrington
1919-1928	 George Kolwyck
1928-1929	 W. F. Boren
1930-1935	 George Kolwyck
1935-1936	 Bro. SaHer
1936-1937	 George Kolwyck
1937-1938	 Cecil Young
1938-1948	 Lee Carrington
1949-1950	 Graddie Woods
1950-1959	 Arvin Rhodes
1960-1962	 C. L. Haggard
1963-1968	 Connie Burton
1968-1971	 John Powers
1971-1975	 Ervin McDaniel
1975-1978	 Harold Hopper
1978-1984	 John D. Small
1984-1986	 Harold Hopper
1987-	 Don Franks


Henry Newman founded Corinth Baptist Church in approximately 1868. He had a son, T.M. Newman, who was also a Baptist preacher and pastored Corinth Church at one time. He also had two grandsons who were Baptist preachers, George Kolwyck and J. T. Bradfield. George Kolwyck also pastored Corinth Church for several years. Clarence Kolwyck, a great grandson of Henry Newman and a lawyer at Chattanooga, Tennessee, wrote this about his great­grandfather in the history of the family:

"Elder Henry Newman came into the wilderness of West Ten­nessee as a hell fire and brimstone Baptist preacher, with the zeal of John the Baptist and the determination to stamp out sin wherever found. Being a tall, rawboned Lincolnesque type, with the ability of Cassius Clay and the reach of Joe Lewis, he was not adverse to using other means when the Bible failed him in his many encounters with the devil."

There are decendents of Henry Newman that are members of Corinth Church at the present time.

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