September 2009 Photo by Christine Walters

This is a church cemetery on Ebenezer Road near its intersection with Ebenezer Church Road. This cemetery is old. The earliest death date on a marker is in the 1840s, but the cemetery may date to the circa 1820 settlement of the area. (Carved markers generally were not used in this area until the 1870s.) There are many unmarked and fieldstone marked graves here, perhaps over 100. Many older markers are weathered and are unreadable or only can be read in the most favorable lighting. Try sunny winter afternoons when the sun is relative low on the horizon and off to the side. Good light is necessary for reading the older McCollum, Middleton, and White markers.
Anita Webb, Alicia Adcox, and Blanch Buck recorded this cemetery circa 1975. Their record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (Memphis, R. H. Harris, 1976), Vol. III, pp. 637-640.
I did not note the date I first recorded this cemetery. It was in 1994, probably was May 16, and it was cloudy and rainy. Updated December 16, 2001, a bright sunny afternoon.

Ebenezer Cemetery