Mt. Gilead
Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Shady Hill Community
Henderson County TN

If you have any information on the history of this church please send it to me. Christine Walters

Lucille (Tuck) Jones, and myself, visited this church on September 27, 2006. Its still a beautiful little church with the old pews, beadboard and hard wood floors. The old piano sits in the corner ( thats Lucille pecking out a hymn ).

Lucille attended this church as a child and a young woman. Just being here brought back all those old memories of a another place and time. But then Lucille has over 80 years of memories of Henderson County, having lived here most of her life.

You can see the pulpit remains the same, the communion table is still here - even the straight backed chairs seem to be waiting for the next service. The room to the left opens into a Sunday School classroom and another adjoins it. The pews are completely intact (I'm only showing one side of the aisle) - the velvet cushions are still comfortable. These photos are dark because the electricity has been turned off and any attempt to lighten them just took away from the beauty of the rich wood tones. The song books on the piano are old and tattered, a testimony of the countless times the pages have been been turned. I think I even heard the old time hymns being sung and I could see the spirits of so many who would have walked down the aisle to accept Jesus.

Outside of the church you can still see the old outhouse, the Church has never had indoor plumbing. The cemetery on the other side, next to the church, is crowded with the Buck family, the Middletons and many others, who were instrumental in the establishment of this church and community. On the edge of this old cemetery lies the grave of one slave whose name was "Lucy". Lucy was a much loved slave of the Buck family. Her owner insisted she be buried in the cemetery, but that was not allowed.

Mt. Gillead Church Deed
Church, Land and Cemetery of Mt. Gilead
Click here for Copy of Deed

Page 501 - Deed - Tennessee State Library and Archives
Certified Copy County Henderson Roll No 14 Book P

This indenture made and entered into in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty six (1856) ... Between Thomas Morgan of the County of Henderson and State of Tennessee of the one part and G. W. Buck and J. M. Buck Trustees of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at Mt. Gillead of the County and State aforesaid. Witnesseth I Thomas Morgan for the love and respect I have for Cause of God and his church do give and convey unto the said Trustees of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and their successors in office all my right title interest and claim. I have into a certain tract of land lying and being in the County of Henderson and State of Tennessee Civil District No. 11 Range 6 and Section 8 and bounded as follows. Beginning on a stake post oak and hickory pointers 60 poles north of the South Easat corner of an entry made in the n ame of G.W. Buck No. 3246 running East 18 poles to a stake and small black to pointers thence west 18 poles to a stake near the north west corner of Mt. Gillead Church house to hickory pointer thence south with the East boundary line of said Entry No. 3246 to the beginning including Mt. Gillead Church and grave yard containing by estimation two acres be the same more or less. To have and to hold the same clear of all incumberances whatever unto the G.W. Buck and ..... of the C.P. Church and successors in office forever for the special purpose herein contained and no other, signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of us ..

Attest; Thomas P. Bird
Attest: Jourdan L. Buck
Sealed: Thomas Morgan

State of Tennessee Personally appeared before me Jesse Taylor Henderson County Clerk of the County Court of said County Thomas Morgan the within named bargainer with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledged the execution of the within deed to be his act and deed for the purposes therein contained. Given under my hand at office in Lexington March 27, 1857

Jesse Taylor Clerk
Jas. A. Henry Register
Recorded 1st ..... 1857

Contributed by Betty Parham Nashville TN
Based on research done by her mother, Ruth Elizabeth Morgan Parham
Thomas Henry Morgan and his wife Virginia (Davis) are buried at New Beech Grove Cemetery
Thomas born in Viriginia Sept. 25, 1808 - died Henderson County TN March 24, 1862

Excerpt taken from "Yesterdays Tennessee" edited by Brenda Kirk Fiddler.
I believe this article is about this church.

August 23, 1920: A Notable Birthday Visit: Aunt Betsy Milam
Aunt Betsy Milam was born July 16th, 1831, hence was 89 years on that day when I visited her. Her's is a sprightly bright mind for her great age and her hair is but about half gray. Sometimes late in the afternoon she visits the farm to see how the work is going on. Her mind is bright about things that happened in her younger days. Aunt Betsy was three weeks old when the first church house was built at Mt. Gilead and her mother cooked the dinner for the hands that raised the walls and the work was assisted by Aunt Betsy White, a neighbor. Her father, the late G.H. Buck, was born in the state of Pennsylvania, was reared in North Carolina and married Susan Neisler and moved to Tennessee in 1827. He was reared by the "Old School" Presbyterians but was a Cumberland Presbyterian all his life and was an elder in the church. Aunt Betsy says that in those days men went as far as five miles to roll logs and it was the custom for each man to make his log heap before breakfast. The first church elders whom she remembers were Joshua Gibbs, Jackson Petty and father, and the first Cumberland Presbyterian preacher she ever heard was Rev. Jordan Lambert. The church house was built of large poplar logs, 22 and 24 feet long. The door for the ladies was on the West side and for the men on the South. The old ladies sat on the left of the pulpit and the brethren on the right, the young ladies farther back on the left and the young men on the right. Ladies and gentlemen were not allowed to sit with each other. The pulpit was breast high. Aunt Betsy has been a member of the C.P. church 72 years. She was married to L.M. Milam, August 1, 1850, and Mr. Milam, who was also a life-long Presbyterian, has been dead just four years and eight months. Aunt Betsy was reared within one mile of Mt. Gilead Church. She had two sisters, Sallie Cook and Polly Neisler, and eight brothers, Jackson, Charles, George, Milton, William, Wilson, Jordan and Alexander. She owns a farm and lives two miles North of old Center Hill, known as the Daniel McCollum place.-- G.H. Buck

Mt. Gilead Cemetery