Keys Chapel
Methodist Church

We do not know too much about the history of Key's Chapel United Methodist Church. All the first members have died but one, Mrs. Addie Mae Clay, who is confined to the nursing home and cannot give any informaton.

The building was first the home of Mollie Lou Methodist Church Church, a white church near the railroad. It was moved to tis present location many years ago and named Keys Chapel after its district superintendent at that time. He was the grandfather of Rev. T.E. White and Rev. I.E. White, both of Memphis.

The first members of Key's Chapel were Mrs. Lou Ellis, Mrs. Addie Mae Clay and Levi Hillyard. Mrs. Maggie Fountain, Later known as Mrs. Maggie Carver, joined later.

We believe Key's Chapel to be about 75 years old, maybe older. We are now in the process of raising funds to build a new church which is badly needed.

Contributed by Mrs. Vera Williams - Lexington Progress April 1, 1971

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