Henderson County TN


We know there was a Liberty Church many years ago because such was stated in the deeds and because of the lists of preachers and from Sunday School Rolls of 1884 - 1897. I have selected some class rolls from the Sunday School Record Book that was used at Liberty. Liberty Sunday School Roll of Officers and Teachers Second Quarter 1884: B.F. Sears, Superintendent; R.H. Chandler, Secretary; W.P. Meadors, Treasurer; Tabbie Lankford, Librarian; P.C. Swearing, Choirmaster; Sallie Meadors, Teacher; G.W> Rogers, Teacher; Mrs. Knight, Teacher.

Roll of infant Class - 1884: Sallie Meadors, Teacher; Pellum Huffman, Johnnie Oliver, Lavina Searc, Bobbie Sears, Harvey Kemp, John Hearin, J.H. Hamlin

Roll of Bible Class - 1884: G.W. Rogers, teacher; B.L. Stigall, Jim Perry, W.P. Meadors, Williams Sparks, T.B. Bell, J.H. Knight, Billie Fields, A.C. Surber.

Roll of Class No. 1 - 1884: Mrs. Knight, Teacher; Ella Sparks, Cornelia Haynes, Mollie Johnson, Charity McHood, Myrtie Chandler, Jennie Chandler, Katie Oliver, Ida Breach, Cora Huffman, Lizzie Dyggs.

Roll of Class No. 2 - 1884: Jack Meadors, Curtis Sparks, Tom Meadors, Willie Knight, Walter Knight, Wade Huffman, Edgar Oliver, Gorden Rogers, Lillie Lankford, Walter Byrd, Addie Oliver, Joseph Meadors

Roll of Class No. 3 - Lillie Lankford, Addie Oliver, Una Broach

Roll of Sunday School - 1886: J.W. Hamlin, Superintendent; A.O. Gordon, G. Huffman, H.L. Kemp., P.L. new, Tom Herry, Elmer Sparks, Jim Williams, S.T. Sparks, Wheat Smith, B.J. Kemp, Osa Kemp, Mrs. Blaylock, M ary Hamlin, Edd Davis, Clance Wilson, Jinksy Kemp, Mrs. Ella Gordon, Teacher; L.T. Sparks Bertah Mizell, Ora Blaylock, Eva Huffman, Osa Kemp, Mrs. Huffman, Tommy Kirby, Jimmie Gordon, Valca Mann, Burnard Kempk Haron Blaylock, Bob Hamlin, Jim Hall, R.E. Blaylock, Clarency Mann.

List of those who attended Liberty School between 1884 - 1897

If anyone has any information about the history of this church -- let us know

G.T. Baker
Johnnie Baker
Sam Baker
Lizzie Barem
Rosie Bell
R.E. Blaylock
Ora Blaylock
Ema Bradberry
Ewin Breedlow
Alice Bridges
Della Bridges
Esther Bridges
J.P. Bridges
Stella Bridges
Tommie Bridges
Horace Broach
Kate Bryans
Katie Bryant
I. Burrow
Jane Burrow
Willie Burrow
A. Butler
William Butler
Hubert Chandler
Jimmei Chandler
E.W. Cheek
Earnest Cheek
Frank Cheek
M.C. Cheek
Millie Cheek
Arthur Cody
Ethel Cody
Tommie Cozard
E.H. Crawford
Eddie Davis
Edna Davis
Frank Davis
L.G. Davis
Maddie Davis
John Dillihunty
Ada Dinwiddie
Bud Donnell

Dollie Finley
Wallace Finley
Letta Ganut
B.F. Garner
Lizzie George
Franice Glows
Isabelle Gordon
Jimmie Gordon
Lela Gordon
Lizzie Govel
Mittie Grooms
Ada Hamlin
Bertha Hamlin
Fannie Hamlin
Henry Hamlin
Ida Hamlin
John Hamlin
Lucy Hamlin
Minnie Hamlin
Lala Harwood
Dollie Haynes
James Haynes
Jimmy Hearner
G.C. Herrin
Lula Herrin
Susan Herrin
Lizzie Herron
Mount Hobbs
Myrtle Huffman
Olla Huffman
Ozzie Jones
Andy Kemp
Henry Kemp
Barney Kemp
Nannie Kemp
Bobbie Kirby
Rena Kirby
Robbie Kirby
Thomas Kirby

Bulan Lankford
Ed Lankford
Effie Lankford
James Lankford
Maggie Lankford
Tom Lankford
George Laster
Fannie LeFlore
Johnnie L3Flore
L.P. LeFlore
Lenna LeFlore
Lennie LeFlore
Lon LeFlore
S.P. LeFlore
Lida Leslie
John Loveall
Ada Mann
Bud Mann
Clarence Mann
Della Mann
Mollie Mann
Herman McCann
Tom McClraggage
Armanda Meadows
George Meadows
Inez Meadows
Jon E. Meadowss
Willie Meadows
Alice Metheney
Fronie Metheney
James Neal
James Neal
W.S. Neal
John Nelson
George New
J.W. New
Jan New
M.U. New
Mollie New
John Newbell
Sallie Newbell

A.W. Oren
Alva Oren
Carry Oren
J. Oren
Mary Powell
Shelby Powell
E.J. Randall
Willie Ridley
Wills Robertson
Andrew Robins
Bennett Robins
Clinton Robins
Flossie Robins
W.P. Robinson
Lonnie Sears
Robert Sears
Willie Sears
Josie Sharp
W.H. Sharp
Berry Smith
Ida Sparks
Lela Sparks
Willie Sparks
Lillie Stubbs
Seaf Surber
G.A. Swearinger
N.C. Swearinger
Tom Thomas
J.W, Wadkins
B.F. Watson
Fannie Watson
J.N. Williams
Jas Williams
Claude Wilson
R.C. Wilson
Henry Woods
James Yarbrough