Palestine Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Lexington TN

Palestine Church was established in 1825. It is located in Henderson County
Hwy 22A about 6 miles south of Lexington

I (Amanda Jowers) transcribed these books exactly as they are to the best of my ability. The spelling and grammar mistakes on these pages are included just as they are in the original record book.

State of Tennessee
Henderson County

We the undersigned members and Elders of the Cumberlain Presbyterian of thees United States of America believeing it will be for the Glory of god and the advancement of the Redeemers Kingdom on earth was organized into a Church by the Rev. John H. Day of the Madison Presbyterry West Tenn Synod to be known as Palestine Congregation of the C P Church

We promise conformity to all the Rules Laws and Regulations of the said C P church as set forth and taught with the doctrines in the Confession of Faith of said Church

We further covenant to do all that we can with our talent time and meanes for the advancement of the Mansters cause This Oct the 9th 1881 Wm. F. Brooks, Elder, Margarett E. Brooks, Ellen Stewart, James M. McCarroll, S E Pomroy, S M Stewart, Matilda Cox, M G Wadley, Sarah J Mullins, Martha Christopher, M J Stewart, E M Lewis, Mary Stewart, M L Hart, Ma? A Hart, Mary Hart, L S Hart, Sal A Barker, A R Hart, John L Hart, M Joyner, Nathan Wallace, Saml Wallace, G Britt, Mary Britt, N C Wallace, W S Wallace, Jackson Stewart, Sarah C Stewart, Mary Stewart, ? N Roberts, M C Joyner

Clk of Session

We the Elders and members of the C. P. Church believing it will be for the advancement of the Redeemer's Kingdom on earth were reorganized into a church by the Rev. R. W. Black of the Hopewell Presbytery Said church to be known as the Palestine congregation of the C. P. Church.
We promise conformity to the laws and requirements of said church as prescribed and taught in Confession of Faith. We further promise to devote as far as possible our time, means and talent to the promotionof the Master's Cause. April 3rd 1886
Jackson Stewart, Elder
L. S. Hart, Elder
Matilda Cox
N. C. Hart
N. F. Hart
N. C. Joyner
M. J. Wadley
M. L. Baughn
M. J. Hart
M. F. Stewart
Sarah Hart
Manda Powers
Liza Lewis

Bro. Wayne Tompkins
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Palestine Cemetery

Session Minutes 1881 - 1932

Session Minutes 1932 - 1973

Register of Records 1881 - 1932

Register of Records 1932 - 1971