Baptist Church

Poplar Springs Road

Poplar Springs, Tennessee

Photo taken November 3, 2007.

Celebrating Homecoming
and 25th Anniversary
November 4, 2007

Pastor George McMinn

Bell Inscription
Billy E. Anderson 10/28/1930 - 2/4/1996

Ramelle White 11/29/1902 - 11/11/1995

History of Poplar Springs Church
By Ramelle "Ramer" (Anderson) White (April 1994)

The first church in the late 1800's was located where the Wayne Holmes driveway is. It was known as the Rock Hill Methodist Church. It's seats were split logs with peg legs. That church burned.

In the very early 1900's the church that now stands was built. Mr. John Holmes gave two acres for the building, valued at $2.00 per acre. Our fore fathers got together and built this church. Ralph Holmes family, George Anderson and boys, Mr. Pole Elkins, Eck and Slater Anderson and family, Lewis Jackson, Andy and Yan Jackson, John Ballard, Joe and Berry Holmes and family, Asbury Wilson, Jess and Alvin Holmes, Will Holmes and Boys and the Fowlers. The members donated from $2.50 to $5.00 for the material.

The brick for the pillars was only $20.00 The weather bonding was planed by hand. Henry Miller built the pulpit which is still in use. The size of the church was 34 x 64 feet built to seat 500 and I have seen it full. I have been a member all these years. There was a church steeple. A high bell wasin the top of the steeple. It was drawn up by block and tackle by mules. As years went on the vibration of the bell pulled the steeple loose from the main part of the church. In the year of 1962 June 6th, the members met and lowered the roof seven and a half feet. The day the work was started 1/2 of the roof was torn off it started to rain. The floor was beach flooring, it swelled and bucked up. It had to have planks removed. New rafters were made for the new roof. The inside was sheet rocked. The older inside was canvassed and papered by the younger women of the church. When the sheet rock was finished the women met and painted it. The women of the church, Denzel Easong, Addie White, myself and others, I don't recall, stood on scaffolds and did the painting. New ceiling was put up. New roof and new front porch.

It was First Northern Methodist, then Methodist Episcopal and later United Methodist. The first of 1980's there was not enough members too keep the church going. In Oct. 1982 we went to Misionary Baptist Church Conference. Got the church and our parsonage. Poplar Springs paid for the building $9,000.00. Baptist installed new additions, Sunday School Rooms, Bath rooms, Nursery, fellowhsip hall and Baptistery and it is all brick. The Methodist was dedicated in 1906 after it was paid for.

Poplar Springs got its name from two springs that were at the bottom of a steep hill. There was a ridge between the two springs. There was a big Pooplar Tree that stood on that ridge and thats where Poplar Springs got its name. One of the springs is still being used.

When the school house stood, the school brought water up the hill for the children to drink. I am the oldest member at Poplar Springs. Everything has been paid by offerings. I took this on myself to leave a history of the church. May God bless all those that stick by the church down through the years. The Lord has wonderfully blessed the church. In 1962 members of the church, then Methodist, gave $50.00 from each family $3,000.00 in all when it was completed it was paid for. There were other donations to help. Lonnie Manley gave $50.00 to buy the lights that are still being used.

While the bell was still in the steeple on New Years we the young people of the community would meet and ring out the old year and ring in the new. The sound could be heard for miles. I will never forget the sound.

At present Bro. David White is the pastor. The deacons are Fay Autry, Glynn Jackson and Jimmy Gourley. We are proud and fortunate to have them as our leaders. Billy Anderson has been moderator for years.

Biography of Ramer (Anderson) White
Buried at Independence Cemetery