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Dorsey L. Jones Sr.
Founder & Pastor of the church 1917
Contributed by his daughter-in-law Lucille (Tuck) Jones

The history of the stringtown Pentescostal Church had it's beginning at the Bethel Bible College, Topeka KS, when during the last 21 days of the 19th century, a band of earnest, hungry-hearted ministers and christian workers called a gast, praying earnestly for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, which to their joyful surprise, came uponthem in the early hours of the morning, on January 1, 1901. The people were heard speaking in other languages as the Holy Spirit gave them utterance, just as it had happened on the day of Pentecost in the year 30 A.D. A great revival immediately broke forth, which soon reached to the State of Texas and thence west to Los Angeles, where in the year 1906 it centered in an old building on Azusa Street. Ministers and evangelists gathered in Los Angeles from every section of the United States and Canada, and Missionaries returned from the foreign fields to learn more about thisnew experience. Many who came were soon filled iwth the Holy Ghost. From here it spread throughout the whole earth, penetrating even into the heathen darkness of India, Africa, China and the isles of the sea, thus fulfilling the great commission of our Lord: ".. go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature."

The message of the outpuring of the Holy Spirit was first preached in Tennessee by Rev. H.G. Rogers in the year 1912. He preached in Madison county first and established the First Pentecostal Church on Lexington Ave. between 1912 and 1914. From his ministry many from all over Tennessee excepted and received the Pentecostal message, thus the message was spread to other areas of Tennessee. Thus, it was brought to Henderson County.

In 1916 Rev. and Mrs. Brickey from Jackson, Tennessee and Rev. and Mrs. Elco Douglas from Beacon Tennessee began a tent meeting on Depot Street in Lexington, TN. On July 8, 1916 after the revival had been in progress for five weeks, Dorsey L. Jones received the infilling of the Holy Ghost and was the first person in Henderson County, Tennessee in this latter outpouring of God's Spirit to receive this wonderful experience.

This same year, 1916, Rev. Dorsey Jones began to preach the message and began the first Pentecostal Church in Henderson County. He established the Stringtown Holiness Church (later changed to the Stringtown Pentecostal Church) by holding cottage prayer meetings in the Stringtown community where he was a resident.

The first permanent structure erected for a house of Worship was built in the community in 1919 and this building stood until November 3, 1926 when it was destroyed by fire. It was back to cottage prayer meetings again by the small congregation while they waited on the Lord to move and provide another building. Then in 1932 God opened the doors for another church building to be erected. Property was donated for the church building by Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Thomas on the site that the church now occupies. About 1960 Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey L. Jones Jr. donated a strip of land for the church to build an annex and then about 1970 the church bought the Petty property adjoining the church on the east side.

Among the first members of the church were Mr. and Mrs. Jobe Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis McPeake, Mr. & Mrs. W. Tom Veteto, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Horton, Mr. & Mrs. Frank McPeake, Mr. & Mrs. M.L. Jones Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Lozier Blankenship and Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Fesmire and many others over a period of time.

Rev. Dorsey L. Jones Sr. founded the Stringtown Pentecostal Church and pastored it most of the time, however, he pastored other churches for periods of time and others pastored the church. They included Rev. E.J. Grimsley, Rev. McClure, Rev. C.B. Wiley, Rev. Rual Chalk, Rev. Jerry Brooks, Rev. Sammy Chesser, Rev. H.T. Ross, and presently Rev. F.E. Jones.

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From the United Pentecostal Church International Articles of Faith. Foreword Paragraph 6
Submitted by Otis Jones, Lexington TN 1977 (This article in the Tennessee Room, Lexington Libary)