Henderson County Tennessee


Deaths from the Flu Epidemic
Report in the Lexington Progress October 25, 1918

James N. Lockhart - 14th District died October 15, 1918, at Camp Pike, Arkansas, buried at old Judson cemetery.

James, 8 months old, son of John Hill - brain fever - buried at Bear Creek in Decatur County

William Edgar Peeler age 23 died October 5, 1918, son of Joseph Peeler died at sea with the U.S. Army Service, burial at old Independence in the 19th District.

Charlie, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Teague, old 14th District died October 15, 1918 about 17-18 years of age

Mrs. Ethel McNatt, wife of Ed McNatt of Jackson, daughter of Mr.a nd Mrs. J.W. Newman of Sardis, age 23, leaving a husband and on child.

Esq. J.M. Bartholomew of old 14th District

Mrs. Bartholomew, wife of Esq. J.M. Bartholomew died on October 10th.

Willie, daughter of Esq. and Mrs. J.M. Bartholomew died on October 14th 1918

Thompsie, son of Esq. and Mrs. J.M. Bartholomew, age 18 or 19, old 17th District.

Mrs. Beulah, wife of L.L. Powers and daughte rof Ewq. and Mrs. J.M. Bartholomew died on October 19th.

Sam H. Williams, age 63, died at the home of his daughter

Mary Johnson, age 60, wife of Elder John Johnson

Mrs. Ruth Ford, age 25, wife of Dick Ford an employee of the N.C. & St. L. Railroad

Miss Nettie Wilkerson, daughter of the late J.R. Wiklerson, age 20 yrs. 2 mts. and 5 days, died at the home of her sister A.E. McNatt.

John Ambrose Buckley, son of John Ambrose and Samantha Buckley. Born at Mifflin January 12, 1888 died October 11, 1918, buried at Lexington Cemetery. He married Miss Ann Hudson on 14 November 1911.

Hon. D.E. Scott, oldest member of the Lexington Bar practiced since 1895

Fielder Walker, age 37, son of the late William H. and Nancy R. Walker, born near old Lone Elm, twice married. He is survived by his second wife.