History of the Long Sought Community
1940 - 1941
Henderson County TN
Found at the Lexington Library

The first settlers were the Lasters and Badys who built their homes about three miles south of Long Sought on a tributary of Beech River. Then around 1820 the Rhodes came and built at a spring near where the Rhodes Cemetery now is. One of the houses they built is still standing on the farm of R.E. Lee and is occupied by George Parker, colored. The first and only store and post office ever to be here was in this building before the Civil War. The community was called Rhodes Town until 1905. Another house was built around 1840, is owned and occupied by J.L. Fuller.

East of Long Sought, in the forks of the Beaver and Big Sandy Rivers, the Adams settled between 1830 and 1840. The oldest house now standing in this section belongs to Joe Adams who lives in it.

Mt. Arat Primitive Baptist was the first church building to be erected. The old site is on a hill near C.F. Lee's The present churches are Zion's Rest Primitive Baptist, and Stray Leaf Church of Christ.

Long Sought school house was built around 1905 and is a consolidated school of the old Graves Chapel and Sheep Shelter Schools. The late Joe Boswell suggested the name, Long Sought, the reason being that he had long sought the union of these two schools.

The Graves Chapel school house place is near Andros Rhodes, possibly in the garden. When Sheep Shelter was built, Stray Leaf school, a small church site, was given to the Negroes. They used it for both school and church until about 1916 when they moved in a body to Cairo Illinois.

The first teacher at Long Sought was W.C. Crook. The attendance then was between 60 and 70. The present teachers are Ashley Adams and Miss Oleita Jones, and the present enrollment is 60. During a five year period the enrollment will vary from 60 to 80, because about 75 percent of the people in the community are renters.