Marriage Announcements
Henderson County Tennessee

Willie Sego & Allie Scott - February 25, 1917
Like many men, Willie Richard Sego didn't like to wear ties, but on February 25, 1917, the day he married Allie Frances Scott, he wore a tie durring the wedding at his 16 year-old bride's parent's home in Oak Grove. After the ceremony and a bountiful meal, the couple walked down a path to his parent's home and he attempted to remove his tie but his new bride persuaded him to keep it on - there might be folks waiting who had never seen him in a tie. At the house, he again attempted to take off the dreaded tie but his mother had other plans. The tie stayed on until the pictures were taken, but he wasn't smiling about it. He did finally get to take his tie off but the marital tie made on that day was permanent. At age 18, the first of their eight children were born. "Miss Allie" had her last child when she was 46 years old. Mr. Willie died in 1970 and Miss Allie passed away in 1992.
From the Lexinigton Progress Wednesday March 30, 1994 Page 9A