McPeake Heritage
Henderson County TN
Restored at Parkers Crossroads Battlefield
Photo by Amanda Jowers - Dedication at Parkers Crossroads June 15, 2008

Living quarters in the McPeake Cabin


Steve McDaniel Master of Ceremonies
Keith Doll
President PCBA
Welcome & Prayer
Brandon McPeake McPeake Family History
Patrick McIntyre Tennessee Historical Commission
Coy Moore McPeake Cabin Project Director
Keith Doll Friends of the Battlefield Presentation
Steve McDaniel Parkers Crossroads Battlefield Park Vision

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The McPeake Heritage

Written by Brandon Keith McPeake - Family Historian

My name is Brandon Keith McPeake and I would like to tell you a story of how I came to be in this world. This is a story of of how life began in a little place called RockHill, Tennessee. The year is 1850, a time when people where still living with the basic things in life. Times were hard for families back then. They were settlers and they came from far and wide to make their mark on the land. The McPeake family was one such group, that came here to start a new life. Robert Carroll McPeake was born in 1830. He moved to Lexington, Tennessee with a mule and wagon around 1849 and bought 130 acres of land at Rock Hill community. He met a wonderful woman and her name was Permilia Reed the daughter of John L. Reed. Robert asked him for his daughters hand in marriage and he said yes. This was around 1850. They where young, Robert was 20 and Permelia was 17, a good age at that time to marry. As a wedding gift John L. Reed, with some of the locals, built a log cabin for them to live in. It was late fall and the cabin was half finished so they decided to stay in that one room till spring when it could then be completed. So he moved his new bride in for the winter, so in the spring everything was coming alive and Mr. Reed came back to finish the cabin. He added a second room to it and a large loft and a root cellar was built under the cabin. It was 1851 and they decided to start a family right away and the first born was William Jehu Mcpeake it was 1852. Robert was so happy to have a first born son he was the pride of his life as is all first born are. So 2 years have went by and they where ready to have more children well it was another son his name was Monocklas Knox McPeake they called him (Knox) for short the year is 1854. So as Robert worked the fields and took care of the farm he started to watch his family grow. He started making Moonshine and would sell it in Lexington to the saloon there in town so he started drinking and was getting very over bearing towards his wife and kids. So he stopped making moon shine and started buying it from town he would order it and would hitch up his mule and red wagon and head to town to pick it up and by the time he got home he was so drunk and so Permelia made him sleep in the barn. In 1856 another year and another child was born his name was John Satterfield McPeake and he was not the only one bom that year that belonged to Robert Carroll he meet this woman her name was Lacinda Rhodes and her husband was John L.Rhodes. James Monroe Mcpeake was the childs name and he was raised by John L. Rhodes. In 1860 Emerson Jordan McPeake was born he would grow up to be the hunter suppling the food for the family. In 1862 when the start of the civil war begain another child was born and her name was Mary Catherine McPeake and later on she would be the cook for the family and she later on in life married into the( Deere Clan.) (NOTE) On December 31,1862 General Nathan Bedford Forrest had fought a battle at Red Mound which today we all no as Parkers Cross Roads and as he made his escape from there and came through Lexington, TN towards the Tennessee River he passed close by the log cabin that now sits on the battlefield. A story was told about this adventure that Robert Carroll gathered up his family and all the cows and pigs and fled in to the hills when he heard of the renagades where coming his way.

The year is 1864 and another daughter was born and her name was Ivy Nouney McPeake and she would later on marry into the (Mitchell Clan). In 1867 another son was born and his name was Joseph Warren McPeake. In 1869 another son was born and his name was Robert Leo McPeake. In 1872 another daughter was born and her name was Susan Ada McPeake and she would later on marry in to the (Robison Clan). In 1874 another son was bom and his name was James Roscoe McPeake. In 1877 another son was born and his name was Winfield Lafayette McPeake but he later died less than a year later. In 1879 another son was born and his name was George Washington McPeake. Four years would pass before the last child would be born in Febuary 13,1883 another daughter was born and her name was Martha Augusta McPeake and she would later on marry in the (Hayes Clan). (NOTE) This young and beautiful woman has been nothing but a mystery to me she married John Parker Hayes and had several children. I did manage to track down the death records of John Parker Hayes and Martha is listed on the death certificate. She would later abandon her husband and children for another man. I tracked down decendants of one of Martha"s children and they had the info I needed to finish my story. Martha Augusta McPeake Hayes Puckett and she had a daughter named Lennia and she stayed with her till her death on December 14,1972 and she was buried at Memory Hills Garden in Memphis, TN. Well this is the story of my family and I am proud to no that they where some of the first people to start the history of Henderson County. And people will read my story and understand how life was back then. These storys where passed down from William Deere and John L. McPeake and Theresa Wallace and the children of Riley Hayes and William Mckinley Hayes(Bill) decendants that are still around to tell these stories so I have written them down for the next generation of McPeakes to read and understand there past. (Note) John L. Sullivan is the stepson of John Satterfield McPeake from a previous marriage he had a close connection with the family and was well respected. (Update) On June 15,2008 the McPeake log cabin was dedicated at ParkersCross Roads where it was moved from Rock Hill and restored to the way it was built and about 20 or 30 members of the Robert Carroll family decendants where on hand for the ceremony and a family reunion is in the makings.

Robert Carroll & Permelia (Reed) McPeake Family
Top: Martha Augusta Hays, George Washington, James Roscoe, Susan Ada Robison, Robert Logan,
Joseph Warren, Ivy Nouney Mitchell, Mary Catherine Deere
Bottom: John Satterfield, Emerson Jordan, Robert Carroll, Permelia Reed, William Jehu, Manulerus
This photo from the McPeake Family History Book by Belinda Bowman
Not pictured Winfield Lafayette & James Monroe

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