Those Who Served From
Henderson County Tennessee

Registers 134 Men
The following is a list of those becoming of age since June 5, 1917, and who registered formilitary duty at the local exemption board's office last Wednesday:
   Erbie Lewlie Reed, Warrens Bluff
  Chester Lowe Holmes, Juno
  James Sidney Bolen, Yuma
  Thomas Carroll Rhodes, Huron
  Vernie Lovell, Juno
  Frank Woodard, Cedar Grove
  Henry Cecil Roberts, Wildersville
  Henry Bailey, Reagan
  Wm. Hobert Cromwell, Sardis
  Lester Loyd Kennedy, Sardis
  Alfred Arlington Rhodes, Huron
  Floyd Vester Kennedy, Sardis
  Loyd Franklin Taylor, Yuma
  Luther Brunt, Darden
  Everett Logan Sego, Lexington
  Johnnie Bivens, Sardis
  John Troy Young, Lexington
  Wade Hall, Lexington
  Erwin Dugger Todd, Huron
  James Earl Wheatley, Lexington
  Jacob Richard Maness, Sardis
  Everett Wheeler, Lexington
  Roy Hall, Lexington
  Claude K. Montgomery, Sardis
  Felix McHaney David, Lexington
  Frank Presley, Sardis
  Walter Levi Hopper, Reagan
  Elmer Edwards Evans, Lexington
  James Hobert Craig, Sardis
  Asa Bryan Rickets, Sardis
  ?? Horn, Wildersville
  ?? Franklin Grissom, Reagan
  ?? Ricker, Sardis
  ?? Lytle Walter, Huron
  ?? Odell, Huron
  Hestus Lee Helms, Reagan
  Sam Conklin Massey, Wildersville
  Walter Clayton Douglass
  Herbert Alfred Hester, Jackson
  William Elvis Gurley, Juno
  Lee Etheridge Roberts, Lexington
  Will Williams Dunlvan, Scotts Hill
  Ellis Truett, Juno
  Willie Sumler, Huron
  Nunery Brigance, Scotts Hill
  ?? Thomas Clinger, Lula
  Henry Curtis, Juno
  Victor John Garvey, Lexington
  William Edgar Presler, Juno
 ??  Pulford Robertson, Wildersville
 Ray ?? Lexington
 Will ??, ?? 
 Arthur Gurley, Lexington
 Martin Herbert Tolley, Darden
 Lawrence Jefferson Gurley,Juno
 Victor Wood, Chesterfield
 Garrett Hobert Goff, Lexington
 James Carlton Bruce, Parsons
 Ola Johnson, Beech Bluff
 Opie Charlie Garrett, Lexington
 Homer Winfield Roberts, Lexington
 Lewis Earl Prichard, Yuma
 Yerger Finley Escue, Huron
 Arthur Melvin Coleman, Chesterfield
 John Murray Reid, Lexington
 Claud Loyd Wadley, Lexington
 Arthur Park Robertson, Yuma
 Henry Everett Todd, Wildersville
 Lester D. Phillips, Lexington
 Benjamin H. Wheeler, Juno
 H. Oscar Stanfill, Sardis
 Roy McKinley Phillips, Lexington
 Wm. Clarence Grissom, Beech Bluff
 Jessie Hart, Wildersville
 Sidney Clyde Walker, Wildersville
 Ruder Elmer Holmes, Reagan
 Roy Lafayette Threadgill, Huron
 Johnnie Troy Williams, Lexington
 Willie McDonald, Warrens Bluff
 Leslie Lee Keen, Darden
 Wm. Thomas Maness, Chesterfield
 Willie Myracle, Wildersville
 Barry Eldridge Crook, Luray
 Frank Barry Page, Lexington
 Samuel Rayburn Wood, Lexington
 ? Bufford Cooley, Beacon
 Dorsey Benton Weatheridge, Reagan
 James Henry Barker, ??
 Clyde Otis Thomas, Beech Bluff
 Olta McMinn, Juno
 Robert Dayton Todd, Wildersville
 Oscar Bryan Kizer, Wildersville
 ? Gray Todd, Wildersville		
 Charlie Lee Fowler, Juno
 Willie Thomas Roberts, Lexington
 Collins Bryan Douglas, Lexington
 Waller Floyd Gurley, Juno
 Joe Kirkland Stanfill, reagan
 Chester Cox, Lexington
 Robert Musgrove Smith, Luray
 Joseph Edwin Rhodes, Huron
 Wiley Buck, Lexington
 Samuel Nelsier, Luray
 Wall Mills, Darden
 T. Johnson, Huron
 Hubert J. Britt, Life
 Frank Turner, Sardis
 James Ernest Smith, Lexington
 William Littleton, Warrens Bluff

Lexington Progress Nov. 16, 1917 BOYS LEAVE FOR CAMP GORDON The last of Henderson county's quota for the National army left Wednesday for Camp Gordon, near Atlanta. Those leaving were: Wm. Edward Taylor, Jno. Henry Hodgin, Ellis Herbert Holmes, Daniel Webster Johnson, Tom Frank Barrett, Henry E. James, Willie Ell Rush, Robert Arzo Ellis, Ernest Riston Freeman, Gerome Logan Melton, Ester Rush, Grover Cleveland Wiley, Jas. Troy Houston, Jas. Ether Rice, Sam Alex Etheridge, Claud G. Hall, Murray Stewart, Leslie H. Gibson, William Andy Carrington, Bartie H. Williams, Walter Henry Roberts, Grover C. Armstrong, Odie Emory Wilson, Lee Onnie Cole, Jim Willam Murray, Leander Roberson, William A. Bartholomew, George R. Shelton, Robert Wayo, Atlas Franklin Adams, Henry McPeake, Wm. Henry Thomas, Oder Lee Freeman, Jas. Ambus Miller, Jno. W.C. Gibson, Nuel G. Swafford, Jno. Riley Dye, Wm. Madison Tolly, J.b. Harrell, Wm. Thos. Gilkie, Isaac C. Douglass.

The following have been notified to appear in Lexington Saturday, Nov. 17, to train for Camp Gordon: Samy Leroy Olive, Ollie Stanford, Mr. Taylor Scott, Jas. Gilbert Powers

Henderson County Boys Leave For ARmy Camps Lex. Prog. May 3, 1918 The departure of nineteen young men for Camp Jackson, Columbia SC, last Saturday brought a large crowd to town and the multitude almost en masse, went to the depot at 4 p.m. to see them entrain any to wish them Goodspeed on their way.. Cecil A. Fesmire, Engene Jowers, Wm. Azro Hendrix, Albert Lee Morgan, Brice Martin Burrows, Chas. F. Ross, Wm. Homer Rice, Vester Thomas horn, Jess Thomas Cody, Wm. Richard Joyner, Bill Priddy, Everette EnHaney Scott, Alvin A. Sumler, Guy Curtis Youngerman, Will T. Hamlett, Dancy O. Wilson, Louis Chesley Tate, Jessie Green Roberts, Franklin Buck.

Thoas sent from this county to complete quota of first call on Apr. 1, to Camp Gordon were: Joseph Reed, Clarence O. Little, Albert L. Hays, Vester Lee Maness, Noah Lee Lewis, Coy Stewart.

These occasions on which the county gives up its flower of young manhood to assume the grave and honorable duty of bearing arms under the "colors that never run," the Red, White an Blue, are more and more impressing our people with the gravity of the condition which necessarily takes from their homes and firesides the younger stalwarts who are conceded to make the best soldiers in the world. With each departing group we are more forcibly recognizing the fact that they are "The salt of the Earth," that they are entitled to all the uttermost resources of this broad land can furnish them and soem sweet day they are coming back to rule and run this country. May God give them victory and bestow on them every honor they so richly desreve. No family can be given a higher honor than that of furnishing a boy to bear arms in the cause of fighting for world freedom - and to avenge the wrongs so wantonly inflicted on helpless people by the most highly civilized barbarians the devil has ever let live to further his send.

The negroes that have gone from this county to Camp Meade, Annapolis Junction Maryland, and Camp Lee, petersburg, Virginia leaving April 16 and 29 were: Gene Grant Kizer, Thomas Scott, Commodore Hart, Arthur Cooper, Willie Thomas, Lee Easley, Gene Parker, Gennie Parker, Will Scott, Edward Johnson, Will Ed Stanford, Odell Williams, Enloe Williams, Vonnie Wilson, Isaac Hall, Avery Pearson, Esau Johnson, Israel Cooper, Jake Parker, Chester Henry, Frazier Howard, Wm. McKinley Kirby, Genie Roy Howard, Ben White, Jene Jones, Ed Kirby, Jim Dick Kizer, Henry Diggs.

Lexington Progress August 9, 1918 The local Board sent to Camp Gordon on Thursday of last week the following? Lewis Atlas Dickson, Charlie Bob Dennison, Claud Bray, Philip White, Tilman E. Manly, Ellis Henry Bradfield, Charles Henry Buck, Reubert T. Christopher, Samuel Luther Buck, Carl W. Manly, Elmer Lewelling, Joseph Paul Parker, Harry Clark Parker, Reuben Moore. To Syracuse NY, Leo Lindsey The following eight were sent to Camp Shelby, Hattisburg, MS last Friday: Wm. Hobard Cromwell (Captain), Elmer Edward Evans, Carl Loyd Wadley, Opie Charlie Gantt, Nunnery Briggance, Will Williams Dunnivant, James Earl Wheatley, Victor John Garvey.

Lexington Progress August 30, 1918
Men who registered last Saturday..
The following young men ofHenderson county, registered with the Local Exemption board as having reached the age of 21 years since June 5, 1918.

   Wm. Thomas Grissom, Reagan
   Genie Turner Derryberry, Yuma
   Hurcle Pearcy, Wildersville
   Lawson Wm. McKinley Reeves, Darden
   Ernest Bullock Adcock, Huron
   Ernest Miller, Wildersville
   Aquilla Jr. Hamilton (colored) Lexington
   Ira Owens,Lexington
   Willie Smith, Huron
   Carlos Watson, Wildersville
   Kern Hodge, Wildersville
   David Timothy Cogdell, Lexington
   Virgil Lewis, Wildersville
   james O. Vernon, Lexington
   Lewis Hershel Patton, Juno
   Murple Franklin Flannagan, Lexington
   Willie Franklin White, Lexington
   Ellis Ector Scott, Sardis
   jesse Graves Raney, Juno
   Earles Mayman Duck, Sardis
   James Pat McCall, Chesterfield
   Andy Warren Patton, Juno
   Willie Dwight Preslar, Reagan
   James Arlie Stanfill, Sardis
   Tolly Odell Oakley, Law
   Thomas Andrew Todd, Lexington
   Richard Britt, Life
   Charlie Christopher, Lexington
   Bill Hart, Wildersville
   Guy Tomlin, Reagan
   Murray Gilliam, Huron
   James Ernest Wilkins, Darden
   Homer Kirk, Cedar Grov
   Jesse Gately, Cedar Grove
   James Franklin Flake, Juno
   Wm. Odell Crownover, Juno
   Joe Florence Maness, Chesterfield
   Albert Lee Valentine Youngersman, Shady Hill
   Cecil Madison Wilson, Juno
   Sidney Elvis Johnson, Jackson
   Walter Hendrix, Lexington
   James Gilbert sego, Warrens Bluff
   Mather M. Mayo,Juno
   Thetus W. Stanfill, Reagan
   Asa Roosevelt Duke, Darden

Boys Leaving for Camp Wadsworth
Lexington Progress Sept. 13, 1918 The following drafter men, made up of men of first draft and those registered since June 5, 1917 entrained at Lexington last Friday for Camp Wadsworth SC:
Jas. T. Beasley, Elvis A. Bybee, Rulig Arthur Buck, Oscar pafford Roberson, Arthur Malone Coleman, Noel Winfield Fesmire, Lester E. Horn, Albert Franklin Grissom, Wm. Edgar Peeler, Floyd Vester Kennedy, Arthur Gurley, Lester Loyd Kennedy, John Bob Cunningham, Will Rushing, Lestr D. Phillips, Jas. Herbert Craig, Samuel Neisler, Ellis R. Truitt, Claude Kent Montgomery, RaymondAtlas Parker, William Elvis Gurley, Wm. Thomas Maness, Lawrence Jefferson Gurley, Frank Presley, Vannie Lovell, Ola Johnson, Wm. Edgar Dodd,
The following went to Macon GA:
Sept. 4 - John Cecil Eubanks
Sept. 8th W. C. Anderson
Sept 7 - Valentine D. Barry to Camp Olgethorpe

Tennessee World War I Gold Star Records

Tennessee soldiers who died of wounds or disease during World War I. They are arranged alphabetically and include information about the soldier such as date of birth, occupation, parents, branch of service, and date of death. Some files include additional information such as letters, pictures, and news clippings. These records were compiled during the 1920s from information given by the soldiers' families. These records are now on file at the Tennessee State Library and Archives in Record Group 53.

Austin Jesse D. Henderson
Bivens James Elbert Henderson
Cason Charlie Waldon Henderson
Greener Elbert Henderson
Haynes John David Henderson
Kennedy Floyd V. Henderson
Kennedy Lester L. Henderson
McNatt Lynne Bernard Henderson
Mays Walter M. Henderson
Montgomery Claude Kent Henderson
Phillips Uliser E. Henderson
Reeves J. M. Henderson
Ross Jessie Thomas Henderson
Sloan Alexander Henderson
Taylor William Edward Henderson
Todd Irwin Dugger Henderson