Franklin - Wilkins Airport
Lexington, Henderson Co TN

Photos & story contributed by Lynn Walters of Lexington TN

Franklin-Wilkins Field was named for two local Lexington men who gave their lives in aerial combat during World War II. One was Russell Wilkins who died in 1944 as a gunner in a B-24 over Albania, and the second was Wilford Franklin who died in 1945 during a raid over Tokyo in a B-29.

There is an impressive memorial plaque on display at the new Beech River Regional Airport to pay tribute to these men. Franklin-Wilkins Airport which opened in Lexington, Henderson County TN in 1947 will close in 2006, after nearly 60 years of uninterrupted service to our county.

The new Beech River Airport is set to open officially August 26, 2006.