County Court Day
June Term 1875
Contributed by Amanda Jowers
The Lexington Reporter, June 11, 1875

County Court convened at this place on last Monday. The town was not unusually crowded, we presume most of the farmers were at work. Late in the evening, however, the steets were presented a lively appearance, and all hands grew livelier fast, until a general melee seemed imminent, but it was warded off by the better judgement of all parties concerned, and the day passed off without a man "breaking into the Calaboose." We suppose the stock of whiskey etc. was considerably reduced during the day.

County Court Proceedings
Hon. James H. Fuller, Chairman.


E. F. Boswell as Executor of Dr. Henry Lassiter. Bond $15,000.

G. W. Council as Adm'r of George McDaniel. Bond $100.

J. J. Morgan as Adm'r of Wheatley Haywood. Bond $100.

A. F. McCallum as Guardian of heirs of Samuel F. McCallum, renewed bond $200.

R. J. Dyer as Adm'r of J. J. Bartholomew. Bond $1,000.

J. M. Somers as Adm'r of R. P. Ross, gave additional bond $2500.


Levi H. Walker, Guardian of heirs of Thomas Morgan, dec'd.

John M. Taylor, Adm'r of Isaac M. Dunn.

Abner Lawler, Guardian of heirs of Thomas Morgan, dec'd.


N. C. Essary Adm'r of Miles Wallace, dec'd.

O. P. White, Executor of Wm. Taylor, dec'd.

Report of Commissioners to set apart a years allowance for widow and family of Wm. Taylor, dec'd.


Will of Dr. Henry Lassiter was probated and the widow filed her dissent thereto.

J. W. Ballew released from poll six as road overseer for 1874.

M. D. L. Bost, J. F. Middleton and Geo. Martin appointed Commissioners to allow a years support to widow and family of J. J. Bartholomew.

Alfred Brinkley, J. H. Harris and Gideon Gibson appointed Commissioners to allow a years support to widow and family of Wheatley Haywood.

D. C. Rogers, Adm'r of Mary Hart, dec'd, allowed six months in which to make settlement.

Thomas H. Green, Guardian of heirs of Zale Garner, allowed until next term of the Court to renew his bond.

Several road orders were issued and other unimportant business was transacted which is not reported.