Henderson County Tennessee

Bird Family

Contributed by Kathy Haney Williams

This information was handwritten on a page taped to the back of an antique frame containing the portrait of Thomas Priddy Bird and his wife, Elizabeth.

Butch (my husband) was given the portrait of Thomas and Elizabeth Bird by Butch’s uncle, the late Thomas J. Rhodes.
There was a handwritten page laminated and taped to the back of the frame.

Thomas Priddy Bird
First wife - Sarah
Second wife - Elizabeth

Thomas was born October 21, 1815. He was the son of David Bird and Catherine Kittorah Priddy Bird. He was one of eleven children. The Bird family moved to Henderson County, Tennessee, about 1824. There were six sons and five daughters.

Thomas enlisted at Trenton, Tennessee. He, three of his brothers, and two of his sons served in the Confederate Army. All but he had died by the end of 1864.

Thomas was a corporal in Co. F, Brown's 55th Tennessee Infantry. He was given a medical discharge in October 1862.

He was captured on Island #10 in the Mississippi River and was a prisoner of war until his exchange in Meridian, Mississippi.

He is buried in the cemetery at New Hope Methodist Church in the Shady Hill Community of Henderson County, Tennessee. The row he is buried in is considered "The Bird Row" with many of the family buried there. His father is buried there also and has a marker near the end. It is broken.

Thomas gave the land for the church and the cemetery. He died in 1910 at the age of 95.

The following information was copied from this website:

New Hope Cemetery is an antebellum cemetery located at New Hope United Methodist Church on Shady Hill Road at Cane Creek Road. It is a well maintained cemetery. The earliest death date on an original marker is 1845. The cemetery does not seem to be much older than that. There were dozens of unmarked and fieldstone-marked graves in 1991 but the fieldstones had been removed by 2004.

David Donahue recorded New Hope Cemetery November 29, 1991 and checked and updated it March 3, 2004. Nadine Jones recorded this New Hope Cemetery circa 1976. Her record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Harris, Memphis, Tennessee, 1976), Vol. II, pp. 253-263. This earlier work is referred to as "Jones" in the notes below.
Bird, Alice, June 4, 1892-Feb. 20, 1893, "Dau. of T. J. and S. J. Bird"
Bird, David I., May 20, 1849-Jan. 14, 1880 [not found in 1991 or 2004; reported by Jones]
Bird, David, 1788-Jan. 28, 1859 (broken)
Bird, Elizabeth A., Mar. 19, 1818-Jan. 9, 1885, "Wife of T. P. Bird"
Bird, J. T., Sept. 16, 1867-Dec. 26, 1918 [Masonic symbol, Odd fellows symbol]
Bird, John F., Mar. 26, 1873-Mar. 20, 1885, "Son of T. J. and N. B. Bird"
Bird, Mary F., d. Mar. 5, 1893, Aged 1 Mo. & 27 Ds." "Dau. of T. J. and Elvy Bird"
Bird, Nancy B., July 12, 1846-July 16, 1883, "Wife of T. J. Bird" (broken)
Bird, Thomas P., Oct. 21, 1815-Feb. 8, 1910, miliatry marker as footstone "Thomas Priddy Bird" "Corp Co F 55 Tenn Inf Confederate States Army"