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Eason Family
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This family probably immigrated from Ireland. As soon as the North Carolina Territory was available, the Easons moved in and quickly became land owners. By 1775 they had settled in Pitt, Dobbs and Edgecomb Counties in NC. Isaac Eason Sr. was born as early as 1731. Some of the Easons that were in Anson County NC, migrated to Carroll and Henderson County in TN, around 1826, about the time Scotts Hill was first settled.

Shadrach Eason and wife Frances moved to Henderson County TN prior to 1830 and remained there until 1860 where he is last known to be at age 85. By this time Decatur County had been formed (1845) and his residence fell into Decatur County instead of Henderson which was formed in 1821. His son Steven L. Eason and wife Elizabeth lived in the Liberty area of Decatur County. Their son Theopolis Abner Eason and wife Samantha J. also lived there. He is buried in Liberty Cemetery. Their son John David Eason married Martha Elizabeth Woody. They had three children: Dewey, died at 1 day old, Jessie Lona and Vera Lois. Jessie married Benny D. Lancaster of the Red Walnut Community, ancestors of James L. Lancaster of Parsons TN. They lived in Decatur County all their lives.

Excerpt from the History of Decatur County TN

Armstead Eason migrated with his father's family to Tennessee in 1826. He was 18 at the time and unmarried. The Duck family lived across the Tennessee River in Perry County that later became Decanter County. This was Indian Country but they allowed the settlers to move into the area. This land was covered with large timber and was not suitable for row crops. The family settled in the Scotts Hill section where they harvested timber and floated it into the Mississippi River as far south as New Orleans. The area contained much wild game and many of the settlers made their livelihood in animal furs for the American and foreign markets. (Contributed by Barbara (O'Neill) Irons).

Shadrach Eason and wife Mary Emily (Scott) Eason
Photos / Information from Patricia (Outlaw) Rickman

Shadrach "Shade" 20 April 1839 and died 22 August 1924. He was born and died in Henderson County and is buried at Doe Creek Cemetery. His wife Mary Emily Scott, also a Henderson County native, was born 18 June 1843 and died 23 March 1946. She rests peacefully next to her husband in the Doe Creek Cemetery. Mary Emily Scott was the daughter of Wiley and Millie (Holmes) Scott. See the Scott Pioneer Family.

The eleven children of Shadrach and Emily Scott Eason are Frances, Charles Albert, Gabriel Armistead, Margaret Elvina, John Benjamin, Noah Sims, Robert Sampson, Jesse Walter, Wylie Elmer, Franklin Lafayette and Asa Woodward.

Jesse Walter and Eldora (Scott) Eason // Jesse and Eldora with baby Gordon Eason (born 4 May 1910)

Jesse Walter Eason with his brothers and cousins

Left: Lena (Eason) Outlaw and Eldora (Scott) Eason // Right: Walters, Lena (age 12) and Eldora Eason

Howard and Lena (Eason) Outlaw // Weldon and Patricia (Outlaw) Rickman

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