Henderson County Tennessee

Source: Eula Essary Scatterday "History of Chesterfield"

Sitting: Mary w/o Larkin Essary / Mattie w/o Osco Ingram / w/o Dodson // Dodson Ingram //Wesley Essary Nephew of Dodson
Top Row - Larkin Essary nephew of Dodson, Osco Dodson s/o Dodson

Garland Ingram b 1776 came from Wythe Co VA, married Johanna Mays. David Ingram moved to Middle TN and was presumably the "Old David Ingram" who eventually moved to southwest TN, Caravan of Essarys, Dennisons, Walkers, Wallaces, McCalls who came down through Cumberland Gap and converged in the locality known now as Chesterfield. Old David Ingram's sons were David and Larkin and no doubt other, therefore, to distinguish between father and son, one was known as "Old David", and the son as David G. The name "Larkin" seemed to be a favorite, as it was handed down generation after generation. Larkin Ingram's daughter, Hannah Jane, married Nathan Essary and they were the parents of Larkin Essary who had two grandsons who bore the name Larkin, John Larkin Essary Jr. and James Larkin Essary.

Larkin Ingram 25 Feb 1804 TN - 19 Mar 1898 Dyer TN. Married Mary Ann Irvin/Irving.
1. Hannah Jane Ingram b: Apr 1826 in Perry, TN - 29 Oct 1923. Married Nathan C. Essary.
2. Parlie Elizabeth Ingram b: 1829 in Lone Elm, Henderson Co., TN
3. Sara E. Ingram b: 20 MAR 1826 in Lone Elm, Henderson Co., TN
4. Emily Canzada Ingram b: 22 FEB 1832 in Lone Elm, Henderson Co., TN
5. Samuel Wesley Ingram b: 1833 in Lone Elm, Henderson Co., TN
6. Levira A. Ingram b: 12 Nov 1835 in Lone Elm, Henderson Co., TN - 12 Nov 1905. Married Samuel Parsons,
    Both are buried at McCall Cemetery in Henderson Co. Children: John Walker, James Franklin and
    Green V. 5 Apr 1858-25 Sep 1905. Buried at McCall
7. Lawson W. Ingram b: 1837 in Lone Elm, Henderson Co., TN
8. John B. Ingram b: 1840 in Lone Elm, Henderson Co., TN
9. Matilda W. Ingram b: DEC 1840 in Lone Elm, Henderson Co., TN
10. Elender C. Ingram b: 1843 in Lone Elm, Henderson Co., TN
11. Patrick Dodson Ingram b: 1844 in Lone Elm, Henderson Co., TN
12. Henry Parker Ingram b: 31 Jan 1844 in Lone Elm, Henderson Co., TN 27 Nov 1911.
    Married Almedia Myracle b 1851 died Dec 1932. Both buried at McCall (did not find headstone)
13. Mary Ann Ingram b: 1847 in Lone Elm, Henderson Co., TN
14. Martha N. Ingram b: 1849 in Lone Elm, Henderson Co., TN
15. Germancy Almeda Ingram b: 5 JUL 1851 in Lone Elm, Henderson Co.,

The Ingrams were of Scotch descent and were noted for their thrift and "live and let live' philosophy of life.

They were farmers, mainly. They were hard workers, self sufficient and very successful in keeping what they had.

Probably, Larkin Ingram had the largest "savings" of any of the family and kept it at home in a trunk, it was reported, until he finally was persuaded to put it in a bank.

It is also reported that he grieved upon banking his savings because he knew he would "never see it again", and he never did. His heirs divided it after his death.

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