Henderson County Tennessee

Ross Family
Contributed by Janet Ross
With the help of Virginia Louise Ross,
Waymon Deboice & Dalphy Mae (Hargrove) Ross
Theda Carol (Ross) Patterson Wildes, Janet Lynn Ross.

James Ross was born 8 June 1761 Martin County NC. Married Lydia Elizabeth Coburn about 1781. They had 11 children, namely: Elizabeth, Dugal, Polly, Nancy, Hugh, Francis, Liddy, Spicy, Sarah, Thomas and Margaret. Revolutionary War Papers

Dugal M. Ross was born in 1785 in Martin Co NC. In 1840 census, Dugald Ross, 50-60 is listed with 1 male 1520 (but may be crossed out), w females 10-15, 1 female 15-20. Next door is James Ross. He signed a will on 6 Oct 1843 in Anson NC but it was not recorded until Oct 1845. In it, he left son Dugal W. Ross 200A where Dugal now lives on the waters of Negro Head Creek. Left daughters Sarah Ross and Martha Ross $40 in order to make them equal with his other daughters to whom he had given some propery. Left everything else to wife Jemima (Brewer) during her widowhood, afterwhich it was to be sold and divided between his seven daughts; Nancy, Lyci, Kizah, Ester, Jerima, Sarah, Martha. Witnessed by Clement Dees and Thoms G. Ross. He died about Sep 1845 in Union Co NC. Variously listed as Dugal, Dougald and Dukeal. Ms Martha Starling, youngest daughter of Charlie Griffin Edwards, says the Ross families were among the colony of Presbyterians that settled the part of Edinburgh county that was called the Waxsaw Settlement. Parents: James Ross and Lydia Elizabeth Coburn.
See complete Dugal M. Ross Will

Dugal Washington Ross (Jr) was born in Anson Co. N.C. on March 4th 1821, he sold 241 acres on the waters of Bridge Branch to Shepard Edwards. At the same time Cally Ross sold 87 acres, both deeds were witnessed by Joseph Little, perhaps these sales cleared the way for their move to Tennessee. He was living between 1854 and 1900 in Henderson Co. Tennessee.
The 1860 census shows J. F. Ross as 8 born in N.C., while M. A. Ross is 6 born in Tennessee. So the family must have moved between 1852- and 1854. Penelope and family are listed with Dugal in the 1870 census for Henderson County., Post office Lexington, 11th civil district ,page 10, dwelling 127.
The 1880 census has Ducal Ross, age 59, in household 16, with him are his wife Nancy J. 29, son Charlies T. 17, Daughter Malvinia 6 days, and step son James F. McBride age 3.
D. W. Ross was Justice of the Peace for Henderson, Co.
He was listed as 70 in the 1900 census for Henderson Co. Tn. Ed 52, sheet 13, 11th civil district. Listed with him were wife Nancy Jane age 49, Milvinia age 20, Silas H., age 18, Martha E. age 16, Stephen W. age 14, Robbie E. age 12 and William R.A. age 9 all sons and daughters.
In 1910 census Nancy J. Ross was living in Henderson Co, civil district 3, she was listed as widow, age 59, living with her were her youngest son William R.A. age 18 and his wife Dovie D. age 16.
He died on Nov. 15, 1900 in Henderson Co. Tn. J.P. Joyce M. D. filed an affidavit for Nancy Jane Ross's widow's claim. "He stated that he attended Dugall W. Ross in his last sickness and that he died Nov. 15th 1900. That he died of paralysis." He is buried in Center Hill Cemetery near Lexington. We believe that Penelope is buried there also.

Captain Dugall Washington Ross, served in the Military on 5-19-1863 in Henderson Co. Tennessee. Private, R Company, 7th Tennessee Calvary, Dugall was discharged 7-11-1864 in Paducah Kentucky.

Todd Barracks, Columbus OH
June 1, 1865
Affectionate wife and children: I am this day favored with an opportunity of writing to you once more to inform you that I am not well, though I am as well as I have been for a long time. I am up and about but don't do any duty nor haven't done any in a good while. I hope that these few lines may come safely to your hands and find you and family all well. I have not heard from you in twelve months. I have seen a heap of trouble about you all and particular about Moses and John for fear the Rebels had conscripted them but I hope to reach home before long and to find you all there and well with something to eat and wear.
Penny, I have seen more trouble for the last two years than I every saw in my life before. I have been to St. Louis MO, IL, Ohio, Maryland, PA, NJ, round Lake Erie, NY, Connecticut, New Haven harbor and at Washington and Harpers' Ferry IN and a humber of cities too tedious to mention. But I hope the times is not far distant when I will get out of this and be permitted to come home.
Penny, I want you to keep up your courage and hope for the beter and not for the worst. So try to be brave and pass off the time the best you can for I think the time will not be long before time to come when I can set at my own table with my dear wife and children around it once more. I feel like it would be mor satisfaction to me to be permitted to sit under my own roof with my wife and littel childrenn around me than anything on earth. So Penny, you and the children do the best you can and try to make comething to eat. I am sorry I can't send you the money but it is just as it is and I can't help it, so keep your spirit up and bear your troubles with all the patience you can. If you get this letter I want you to write soon and direct your letter to Todd Barracks, Columbus Ohio Co F 22nd Regiment VRC.
So I will close by saying be of good faith. I remain your ever loving husband and father until death, so farewell to you all.

Dugal Ross is buried at Center Hill Cemetery
You can find some more Military Data

Dugal Washington and Penelope Allen (Moore) Ross (1st wife) married about 1843.
Nancy Jane Johnson (2nd wife)
Dugal b 4 Mar 1821 Anson Co NC. Died 15 Nov 1900 Henderson Co TN
(He is the son of Dugal M. and Jemima (Brewer) Ross of NC)

Married 1st: Penelope Allen Moore b 12 Sep 1822 NC. Children with Penelope -
1. Nancy Adeline Ross 12 Feb 1844 NC-26 Mar 1831- Buried in TX
      married Stephen Ledger Taylor
2. Penelope Ann Ross 2 Feb 1846 NC
3. James Moses Ross 13 Jul 1847 NC
4. John Elbert Ross 19 Mar 1849 NC
5. Joseph Franklin Ross 16 Apr 1852 NC-16 Jun 1928
      married Melvina Eliz. Dennison & Samantha R. Evans
6. Jemima Asberry Ross 8 Apr 1854 TN-4 Jul 1909 married Wilson Davis buried in TX
7. Keziah C. Ross 22 May 1856 TN
8. Mary Jane Ross 16 Jan 1859 TN m John Bradford Little
9. Charles Tindale Ross 5 Mar 1863 TN

Married 2nd: Nancy Jane (Johnson)McBride b 4 Feb 1851 married 9 Jul 1879 in Sardis TN.
10. Melvina A. Ross 25 May 1881 TN- 1950 m Frank Christopher Lexington Cemetery
11. Silas Hosea Ross 16 Feb 1881 TN-15 Aug 1937 - Lexington Cemetery m Minte Gilliam
12. Martha Ellen Ross 12 May 1884 TN - 1973 m Wm. Frank Little buried Center Hill
13. Stephen Wilson Ross 6 Jan 1886- 3 Jun 1957
14. Rosie Elvira Ross - 26 Nov 1888-15 Mar 1971
15. William Riley Ross - 9 Feb 1892 - 3 Feb 1966
16. David Ross - 31 May 1894 (Questionable - might be a grandson)

Joseph Franklin (s/o Dugal & Penelope)
Lived on Mifflin Rd, Lexington TN
Joseph b 16 Apr 1852 Union Co NC - d 22 Jun 1928 Chester Co TN.
Obituary of Joseph Franklin Ross

Married to Melvina Elizabeth Dennison (1870) d TX
Married to Samantha Jane Evans (1888)(2nd wife)
d/o Joshua & Martha Jane (Azbill) Evans
Joseph and Samantha are both buried at Antioch Cemetery

Children of Melvina:
1. William H. Ross 28 May 1871 m Mary C. Barber
2. James Riley 29 Dec 1872-19 Nov 1947 m Nora Mullins 25 Aug 1879-17 Sep 1964. Buried Ridgecrest Cem. Madison Co.
3. Franklin 4 Jul 1874-14 Oct 1875
4. Manley Winston 6 Apr 1878-15 Feb 1957 m Sudie Wallace
5. Walter Lee 2 Aug 1880-24 Oct 1880
6. Drucilla 4 Aug 1882-22 Oct 1884
7. Frances Bell 6 Feb 1884-14 Sep 1884
8. Joel Howard 8 Mar 1886-24 Aug 1886

Children of Samantha
  9. Charles Franklin 17 Jan 1889
10. John Arthur 26 May 1891
11. Floyd Luther 18 Nov 1893
11. Mary Eliz. Dec 1894 m Wm. Taylor Scott

The Old Home Place

Joseph Franklin's Home Place as on Mifflin Road in Lexington.

There was a weather board frame house with two big rooms, with tall ceilings, one room was for living and the other was the kitchen.

There were hills all around the home, they had about 10 acres, that was not enough to farm so they took in corn, cotton, sorghum and processed it for the farmers, keeping part of it for their pay.

Horses ground the sorghum cane, then it was taken to the sorghum house, his toll was every 3rd gallon of sorghum. He sold what he did not need to make a profit.

The stable was a part of the sorghum house. He had Blue Jersey cows.

He was a giner, they had a cotton gin and grist mill, people brought corn to be ground and a scoop was his toll.

There was a water mill that ran the grist mill and the cotton gin. There was a bridge over the creek that led to the mill pond that was fed by a spring that ran down to Beech River. Ducks swam on the water there.

There were Red Horse (Carp) (Perch) fish in the mill pond, lots of people from Lexington came to fish there. Will Ross was a Chief of Police and a tough one to, he weighted over 300 pounds, and was over 6 ft. tall, and if there was any trouble he would arrest them, he was not afraid of anyone.

In the winter they cut big blocks of ice from the frozen millpond water and put them in the ice-house, they covered them with sawdust and the ice lasted all spring and summer. You could not eat or drink it but it sure did keep things cool. This was a nice place to keep milk, eggs and butter. They went there to cool off when hot and tired.

There was a 8'x10' bricked up spring house, and the water ran through the floor, when they got hot in the summer it was a place to keep cool, yourself and your food.

Joseph Franklin got his arm caught in his cotton gin, someone driving by heard him hollering and came and got him loose, They took him to the doctor, they wanted to remove his arm, but he would not let them. His arm was stiff but he still was able to use it.

They had a stick that was supposed to be used to feed the cotton gin, but sometimes it appears they did not use it, to their own dismay, looking at that stick would show you what that cotton gin could do.

There was a boat house, and a wood shed where they kept wood for the fireplace.

This story was told to me by my father. (JR)

John Arthur Ross Sr., the son of Joseph Franklin and Samantha (Evans) Ross, was born 26 May 1891 in Henderson County TN. He died 10 Dec 1968. John first married Iola Gertrude Hayes on 25 May 1913 who was born Jan 1897 and died in 1975. John Sr. is buried at Highland Cemetery in Madison Co.

Their children were :
1. Floyce Armon Ross 21 Oct 1917
2. Waymon Deboice Ross 14 Jan 1916
3. John Arthur Ross Jr. 27 Oct 1917
4. Virginia Louise Ross 15 Aug 1921
5. Charles Henry Ross 29 Oct 1923-30 Oct 1923 buried Old Bethel Cem
6. Anna Roxine (Ross) Wall Siefferman
----- Born 23 May1928. First husband Ben Wall buried at Colonial Grove Mem. VA Beach City VA.

John Arthur and Iola Gertrude (Hays) Ross
Waymon Deboice, Floyce and John Jr.
Virginia Louise in the front - Roxine must have not been born yet

John Authur Ross was born 5-26-1891 - Died 12-10-1968
He is buried in Highland Memorial Gardens, Jackson, Tennessee.
He is buried next to his wife Odie (Chumney) Ross Parker.
1st wife - Iola Hayes Ross was born 1-16-1897 - Died 12- 15-1929
Iola is buried in Hollywood Cemetery, in Jackson Tennessee.
Their daughter Floyce Armon Ross is buried next to her mother.
Born 9-22-1914 Died 10- 16-1931 she was their oldest child.

Waymon and John (Jr) Ross -- Military Service

Waymon Deboice and his father John Authur Ross

John Arthur, Odie and Emma Sue


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