Pioneer Families
of Henderson County TN


Photos and Information provided by Dickey Sullivan

William Rufus Sullivan (grandfather of Dickey Sullivan) raised seven children in this small three room cabin.

We were told that the cabin was part of the upper floor of the Evan's Plantation House that was salvaged when the house was torn down. It was on the part of the old "Evan's farm which my grandfather owned and divided among the seven children.

William Rufus Sullivan son of William W. and Sene A. (Gilbert) Sullivan, was born 9 April 1888 and died 23 November 1965. Hester was born 24 October 1892 and died 11 March 1975. Both are buried at Mt. Ararat Cemetery in Henderson County. Buried near them is their first born child - Earl Sullivan born 24 November 1915 and died 2 August 1917. Also in the family plot is John T. Sullivan 1873 - 1964 who isson ofElijah and Hannah (Gilbert) Sullivan, grandfather of William Rufus Sullivan. William W. (father of William Rufus) died after falling from a horse in the early 1890's. His wife Sene later married a Keen.

Children of William R. and Hester (Eads) Sullivan

Earl Sullivan 24 Nov 1915 - 2 August 1917
Valera Sullivan m Lige Yeary
Erby Sullivan m Leona Johnson
Edra Sullivan m Howard Scott
Esta Lee Sullivan married "Dutch" Thomas
Bertha Marie Sullivan married Van Ray Ivy
Naomi Sullivan m Edward Pearson
Martha Sullivan m Everett Sego

Map - Directions to the Sullivan Cabin