To The
Baptist College
at Lexington 1902

Front Row: Ernest Montgomery, Richard Edwards, John E. McCall, Will Jones, Valentine Barry,
Bob Joyner, Von Watson, Murray Arnold
Second Row: Newbill Harvey, Geraldine Scott, Martha McCall, LillianMoss, Eunice Melton, Cleve Hearn, Jennie Lindenfield,
Eula Moffitt, Eula Franklin, Eva Bird, Lula Mae Wilkerson, Gussie McCall
Third Row: Chester Davidson, Clara Phelps, Zula Pickens, Annie Mae Gatherings, Eva Edwards,
Flossie Melton, Pauline Yates, Nan Haskins, Hester Enochs, Rosa Dicus
Fourth Row: Hubert Boren, Milton Edwards, Kenney Neeley, Clint McAdams, Esco Derryberry, Erle Pafford,
George McCall, Royal pafford, Ed Thomas, Ollie Tate, Prof. Hubbs
Fifth Row: Mel Scott, Louise Lawler, Dixie Winslow, Myrtle Milton, Will Henry Murray, Allie Mae McCall,
Annie McCall, Iley Williams, Herbert Scott
Back Row: John Wadley, Usher Hearn, Eff McCall, Barry Jones

About 1896 a Baptist school was opened in Lexington near where teh Walker Baker is now located on Hwy. 20. A.J. Barton was headmaster, and early faculty included Mae Fielder, Kate McDormon, and Bell Westbrook. According to J.A. Deere, in his history of Baptist College, mathematics, English, Latin, writing, spelling, rhetoric and history were stressed to more than 200 students, about half of whom boarded at the school, having come from other counties and a few from other states. In the early years the school was very competitive with Lexington Academy, but around the turn of the century the two schools shared the same building, finally merging as the Baptist College. By 1905, it occupied a new two-story brick building with a squared tower on each side, which W.H. Dennison described as "roomy, convenient, and comfortable, and in the point of architectural ugliness takes the premium."

Contributed by Lucille Jones

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